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Maybe it's just me, but one thing I think that is lacking from this site is a thread to discuss video games. Considering the ages of the majority of posters on here, I reckon it is a fair assumption that a high proportion of active members have a PS3, XBOX or WII. So here is the place to discuss current games being played, upcoming hotly anticipated releases or just general favourites on whatever console. Hopefully it does not turn into a slagging contest between consoles.


I will start off. Currently playing Mafia II on the PS3. While it lacks the size of say GTA, and does not offer much in the way of side-missions, I am still enjoying it as a good story of the progression up the chain of being a gangster. I would probably rate it 7/10.

Previously I had been playing Red Dead Redemption which is simply fantastic and one of my favourite games out. Definate 10/10 as it offers an awesome story, a fantastic world in which to roam and plenty of quests to give a long play time.

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I've been hovering around Dead Rising 2 for some time now, though school is making it impossible to play at the moment. I'm also working on Final Fantasy III on my DS, and intermittently getting trophies in Resident Evil 5/Final Fantasy XIII, replaying Final Fantasy Tactics/Dino Crisis, and playing Megaman 10 when I feel like playing something quick.

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Arkham Asylum was a phenomenal game.


I'm currently playing Red Dead on my XBOX (almost done with it) and just started Fallout: New Vegas on my PC. I've also been playing Civilization 5 on my PC, which is an incredible game. To the above poster, I feel you on Red Dead, it did get a bit repetitive, but I think it's just one of those games that you need to be playing at the same time as another so you don't get stuck doing the same things over and over again.

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