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Erik Bedard


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Overall, their successes equal their failures. For every Kiko Calero there is a Turnbow.


Most importantly. I wouldn't even consider Bedard to be a "retread." He's just someone who has injury problems. He's still incredibly good. Look what he did in limited innings last season. In other words, this isn't a case of a team hoping to restore a player to greatness; it's a matter of hoping that the player stays healthy. The Marlins are not in a position to take a financial risk on someone like Bedard and it would be stupid to do so.


To call him a retread player is misleading.

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Yeah but turnbow didn't even make a significant contribution. Kiko did. There have been a lot of pitchers that have revived there careers here. Last year they played on that success and tried to many. We had benitez, jones, borowski, and gregg as closers. Pretty much all retreads. They weren't valued by other teams but after they pitched here and had success they cashed out. I think chad fox was another...

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First of all, how is Bedard remotely similar to any of the names you mentioned? Bedard's issue is nagging arm problems, not performance. So I don't see how you can even call him a retread.


Nevertheless, my exact point is that Turnbow did not have an impact. The Marlins create this perception of having success with "retreads" because they sign a high volume of cheap contracts, or more likely.. minor league deals or spring training invites. This is a smart practice, but the truth is that a high percentage never amounts to anything. It's effective only because it tends to have little risk. That isn't the case with Bedard. He will require a major league contract and there is much uncertainty regarding his physical ability to throw the baseball with regularity. The Marlins don't have the luxury of this being a "low risk" scenario when they are trying to maintain a budget. That does not fit the model you are describing.


And I wouldn't call Benitez a retread, either. He had pretty good numbers in 2003, so he wasn't exactly a shot in the dark. And Gregg was ultimately a failed experiment in the closer's role. Even with Borowski and Jones...they were simply guys that pitched better with the Marlins than in the previous year. They weren't really dealing with the history of arm issues that Bedard is dealing with.


I just don't see your logic in tying all of this together.

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Logic is they took a shot at them when others wouldn't. Yeah its part of budget constraints but I see bedard as a player needs another chance. You see it all the time with players. Man, pavano was a great example of that. Excelled in florida, cashed into ny, dealt with all kindofs injury issues, cleveland gave him a chance did well there and was a solid starter for minnesota...

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