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OF John Raynor


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Raynor would have to an OMG Nunez ( a bit player for Marlins who crushed 10 HRs one spring) ST to make the Marlins roster for the regular season, the fact that he was invited was a surprise to me. The one thing I think that he has in his favor is that he has played for Edwin before and played fairly well when he did, he also has the ability to play all fields, but is getting kind of old to be considered anything more than an AAAA player.

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I want to preface my comment with the fact that I love Raynor as a hitter and have for a very long time...however I just dont see him making the 25 man roster

Not really a defensive presence in the Outfield he can only play LF, he also is a right-handed bat on a team that badly needs left handed hitters off the bench

He is a slash type of hitter with little power. When you think 4th outfielder you have to believe that Cousins or Peterson would naturallyfall right into that spot

Cousins is definitely an eye-opener when you see what he is capable of overall...Strong arm,can hit for power, good OBP, above average glove can play any position in the Outfield

Peterson is also a solid defensive Outfielder he can also play any of the 3 spots in the outfield, Cousins has a higher ceiling but Peterson is not a bad player to have on your bench

Wise is a very experienced player that plays a solid CF, dont really think much of him except as as a late inning defensive replacement but that's my opinion a lot of people on this site like him.

Raynor may be a Marlin again I just don't believe it will be in April . having him in New Orleans gives the organization some badly needed depth we haven't had much in quite some time

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he also is a right-handed bat on a team that badly needs left handed hitters off the bench


3 of the 5 bench spots are probably going to lefties(Cousins, Petersen, Baker) and another to a switch hitter in Bonifacio.



I just can't see the Marlins carrying Baker on their bench unless Dominguez breaks camp as the starter on 3rd base, otherwise he will probably go into extensive rehab. I know Beinfest indicated he would keep him on as a a pinch hitter but the 25 man roster is a numbers game, Baker is probably too much of a luxary right now to carry I know Beinfest loves havin a Gload type on the bench...Lets see

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