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Player Nicknames Past and Present

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CyggyMarlin came up with the idea for a thread on this...here's all the players from our section on the wikipedia supplimented by what we use on the forums and nicknames I personally have at home, add your own it's funny to see what everyone calls everyone..


Ricky Nolasco - on a good day it's Ricky Nohitsco and on a bad day we call him Ricky Noshitsco

Anibal Sanchez - Anibal the Animal? Animal Sanchez? The Animal? Sanchie? Sancho?

Vasquez - Mr. Extended Batting Practice

Donnie Murphy - Donnie f***in Murphy, Donnie bleepin Murphy (even though it's just a censorship of the first one, the bleepin seems to have taken on it's own character.), Donnie Freakin' Murphy

Mujica - Magico Mujica

Alfonseca - The Dragon Slayer!

Scott Olsen - The Kid

Vandenhurk - Vandy, The Flying Dutchman

Kotsay - The Cannon, Cannonarm

Jack McKeon - Trader Jack, The Captain

Charles Johnson - CJ

Derrick Lee - D-Lee,

Cousins - Buzzin' Cousins


  • Bobby Bonilla, Robert Bonilla: "Bobby Bo"
  • Jeff Conine, Jeffrey Guy Conine: "Nine," "Niner," "Conine the Barbarian," or "Mr. Marlin"
  • Iván Rodríguez: Pudge or I-Rod
  • Gary Sheffield, Gary Antonian Sheffield: "Sheff" or "Shef-field of Dreams"
  • Devon White: "Devo"
  • Dontrelle Willis: "D-Train"
  • Hanley Ramirez: "HanRam" or "El Niño"
  • Mike Lowell: "Mikey" or "Lowell Land"
  • Andre Dawson: "The Hawk"
  • Darren Daulton (1997): "Dutch"
  • Edgar Rentería: "Barranquilla Baby"
  • Craig Counsell: "The Counsell-man"
  • Mike Jacobs, Michael Jacobs: "Jake"
  • Miguel Cabrera: "Miggy", "Migs", "Miguelito", or "Cabby"
  • Josh Willingham: "The Hammer"
  • Juan Pierre: "J.P."
  • Ã�lex González: "A-Gon" or "Gonzo" or "Sea Bass"
  • Kevin Brown: "Brownie"
  • Alfredo Amezaga: "The Amazing Amezaga" or "The Flying Mexican"
  • Wes Helms: "The Closer", "Uncle Wes," Satan
  • Josh Johnson: "JJ"
  • Burke Badenhop: "The Hopper"
  • Chris Coghlan: "Cogs", "CC"
  • Logan Morrison: "LoMo"
  • Emilio Bonifacio: "Boni"
  • Dan Uggla: "Uggs"
  • Taylor Tankersley: "Tank"
  • Ronny Paulino: "The Caveman"

probably a bunch more but i can't think of them riight now.

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Nicks I use (or have stolen from the boards) for current players


Clay Hensley: Everyday Clay

Josh Johnson: J.J. / Kid Dynamite (Good Times reference)

Ricky Nolasco: K-Noly (cannoli)

Anibal Sanchez: Anibal The Animal

Chris Volstad: Vol-Suck (I hope he proves me wrong someday)

Ryan Webb: Webb-Slinger or Webb-Head (Spider-Man reference)



Greg Dobbs: Dobby The House Elf (Harry Potter reference)

Wes Helms: Professional Turd

Donnie Murphy: Donnie F****** Murphy or Robo/Robocop (name was Murphy)

Gaby Sanchez: The Gift Of Gab

Emilio Bonifacio: Boner or Boni-f***-i-o

Chris Coghlan: CC / Cogz / Key Cog / Cogswell Cogs (from Jetsons)

Scott Cousins: 'Cuz

Logan Morrison: Wolverine (X-Men reference)


Don't have nicks for Hanley or Stanton yet

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Chris Volstad - Chris Shitstad

Javier Vazquez - Shittier Vazquez

Anibal Sanhcez - Shittibal Sanchez

Ricky Nolasco - Ricky Shitlasco

Josh Johnson - Josh Johnson ;)



Makes me think of Monty Python & The Holy Grail...


JOSH JOHNSON walks past man calling for dead people


VILLAGER 1: Must be Josh Johnson...


VILLAGER 2: How can you tell?


VILLAGER 1: Hasn't got sh*t all over him...


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