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Going to my first Marlins game of the year!

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Tell cody I say bye.


Tell Cody we have no lefties in our rotation and his boyfriend Uggla has a .600 OPS on the year



After all that sh*t Cody talked about our franchise during his little magical playoff run last year, I think I'm gonna chuck a beer at him (actually, a $9 beer ??, probably not worth it)

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Really 50-100 Marlins fans?!?!? You should get a West Coast Marlins club started



hahaha, just got back from the Marlins game. I saw 2 total ... so maybe there was probably 15-20 in the entire stadium.



GREAT GAME TO BE AT THOUGH!!!! I got some sh*t from some giants fans, but it was all worth it.



Nolasco is a beast!! gabyyyy with the big knock!

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I saw a totally of four fans while there. Don't matter though we still got the win. Was so happy to see a Stanton homer.




Everyone in the stadium ,including me, thought that was caught. I can't belive it snuck out of there.






I had a feeling it wasn't gonna be caught cause Torres seemed to stumble a little when going back.

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