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Phillies @ Marlins 7/4/11 6:10PM EST

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1. Emilio "Speedy Gonzalez" Bonifacio 3B

2. Omar "If my Bat was as good as my glove I'd be an All-Star again" Infante 2B

3. Gaby "Ha Ha Omar, I AM an All-Star" Sanchez 1B

4. Hanley "wtf man no superallstar this year?" Ramirez SS

5. Logan "Why can't I tweet my thoughts midgame, left field is boring" Morrison LF

6. Mike "Man-Child" Stanton RF

7. Bryan "PeteyPipes" Petersen CF

8. John "Buckerooski" Buck C

9. Ricky "ITS NOT NABISCO" Nolasco P


10. Tommy "I hate Texas Scoring officials" Hutton CG

11. Rich "read Mike's tweet last week" Waltz PBP

12. Craig "Douchebag" Minervini CrowdInterviewerGuy

13. Frank "Better than Craig" Forte BetterCraig

14. Allison "Eye-Candy" Williams Distraction

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