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06/02/2012 Miami Marlins @ Philadelphia Phillies -- 04:05PM ET


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Eleven years ago, as a googly-eyed boy, I embarked on my journey as a marlins fan. These were the days of preston wilson, cliff floyd, and ryan dempster. I would come home from school and eagerly await the next game, at times begging my parents to take me to Pro Player stadium. The weather, sh*tty stadium, nor anything else could derail my love for the marlins.


Then one day in june, the fish traveled to philly to start a 5-game series. Never since then have I seen a team swept in a 5-game series, but there were the marlins, falling to the wretched Phillies 5 games in a row as they dismembered our team and fed us to their hungry and heinous fans. And all I could was watch from home, waiting for the hero that never came, pleading for the reign of terror to end. The moment scarred a deep passionate vengeance for anything philly, a thirst not to be satisfied until we crush them in the most barbaric of ways as they beg for mercy.


Every time we lose to the Phillies, I recall that series, and when I do, I cringe, gently touching the scars impassioned into my young childhood.


We shall win tomorrow. Go marlins.

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