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Stanton Rehab

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MIAMI -- The struggling Marlins offense could be getting a big slugger back in a couple of weeks.

Giancarlo Stanton, who had two cartilage chips surgically removed from his right knee on July 8, is getting closer to rejoining the Marlins, with a rehab assignment beginning Wednesday at Class A Jupiter. The 22-year-old was expected to miss four to six weeks after the surgery. Stanton expects to return to big league action on Aug. 10.

Stanton has been taking batting practice and recently began jogging outside. He was previously running on an anti-gravity treadmill that helped keep stress off his surgically repaired knee.

While Stanton feels his recovery is going well, he admits that his knee "feels different" when he runs.

"It's like when you sleep on your arm or you ice for too long," Stanton said. "When I run, the vibration I can feel, but it's still on the numb side. That's the only iffy part, even though it's not a speed bump."

Stanton was told the numbness could last up to two months, but he says it does not affect his ability to run or perform any other baseball activity. With his actions limited, Stanton has tried to take some positives from his time away from the field.

"It's not fun to just sit there helpless," Stanton said. "You just try to pick up some things from the down times that I am going through right now. That's all I can do."

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Let's see, Wednesday is August 1st ... He's expecting August 10 to return ...


Yeah, DH for 4 games, RF for 4. [Looking at their schedule, they have 8/6 off]



Wed and Thur they are at Space Coast Stadium. Maybe he will be on one of the back fields in Jupiter because I doubt he travels with the team. Not sure how to find out. The wife also has Saturday off, we could wait til then.

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I was planning on a Marlins minor league doubleheader (GCL and Hammerheads) in Viera on Thursday already, this might just solidify my plans!!!



I really doubt he travels with the team. But check Wed's box score to find out.


When AJ made his first start after surgery he did it on a back field at RDS because the team was on the road. That's the only time I have gone to one of those back field games, so it's the only relevant reference I have. But it does make sense.

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