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Brent Keys future


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This guy has absolutely crushed the last 2 years yet has flown under the radar.


17th round pick out of high school in 2009 and has improved every step up in the minors. He wont wow you with power but he hits for average, a little speed, great plate discipline, and very high OBP


Last year in Greensboro he hit .335 with a .400 OBP, .850 OPS, almost 20 sb's, and a 20/18 BB/K ratio in 370 ab's.


This year in Jupiter he is hitting .350 with a .425 OBP, .830 OPS, 6 steals, and a 15/7 BB/K ratio (not a typo) in about 150 ab's.


What is the word on him and his future because guys with that kind of plate discipline are rare and he could have a future as our 4th OF or possible even be a trade chip if he keeps this up.


He is only 23 so he is still relatively young even if hes a little old for A+ ball.

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4th outfielder seems likely.


He's having a really nice season, but obviously not enough power, and he's on the back burner of a team with a lot of decent outfielders.


I'm sure he'll see AA ball next season. No need to rush somebody who's starting to figure it out. Patience might be key with Keys.

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But is he beefcake or Colombian?



I'm praying to little baby Jesus that something douchy doesn't find this section!

As for Brett Keys, I like the guy BUTTT I see him as another John Raynor, hits for average, speedy probably won't progress as much as I one would like and will be log jammed behind better players.

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Does anyone here notice the fact that he has k/bb ration under 1. honestly I'd be willing to put him in the infield and see if he can learn the position. If he Continues to be able to get on base at the rate he has been able to get on base, or if he improves by being in better hitter leagues, I don't care if he never hits a homerun in his entire baseball career. .280/.390/.390 will do just find thank you.

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