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What's the deal with Spooneybarger?


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Ramp is right, August at the very best. However I think we probably won't even see him in 2004. His surgery was late in the season and that might be rushing it as far as recovery time is concerned. Why take the chance of rushing him back and losing him for another stint?

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You're paying 8 million a year!!!!!!!! :o :o :o

Thats nothing compared to what your Steiny will be paying in Luxury Taxes. And I wouldn't mind paying Hampton 8 million a year every year if it means we win the series year after year.


Was it a gamble?




Did it pay off?


Check the box scoress

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Spoon has been a disappointment thus far. I just hope he comes back healthy and at the level we expected him at.



i mean if you count the injury, then yes... but when he was healthy he was outstanding hahahah what?????????


man when he was a brave he appera in 51 games 1 ining per game he got 51 innings that game....... and was solid


1-0..... 1 Save ..... 0 blown 2.64 ERA thats what we all thought we were getting...


when he got here and was healthy he gave us......


33 games 42 innings a 1-2 record 0 saves..... 1 blown and a woppppppin 4.07 ERA


he was Average at best, and with the numbers he put up the year be4 he was a dissipointment


not to mention he became a distraction as well, fueding in the newspapers with trader jack......


we used em alot, cuz he was our go to a guy... apperantly he doesnt want that he just wants to be the co set up guy...


not the closer, or set up guy, but he wants to be the co set up guy......



stop defending em cuz he had tommy john

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