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8/27 Pirates at Marlins. Yes, this season is still going!

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Gerrit Coleslaw vs. Justin Pickle-ino




For the visiting Pittsburger Pirates:


1. Gregory Pulled-Porklanco


2. Starling Marte-ni


3. Androol McCutchen


4. Asandwich Ramirez


5. Francisco Cerveza


6. Gyro Alvarez


7. Meal Walker


8. Jordy Morsel


9. Gerrit Coleslaw


For the hometown Miami Barwings:


1. Dee Gor-dog


2. Ichi-roll Suzuki


3. Martini Prado


4. Justin WildBour


5. Marcell O'Tuna


6. Derek Dietchip


7. Adeiny Fishavarria


8. Jeff Snackthis


9. Justin Pickle-ino


Guys, I'm hungry. 



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Guest Vince0926
Only way he's gonna learn it is if he gets traded to another team. 


yup you have perfected culture of losing mentally. Love you bro.



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