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Brown to Yanks?


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Kevin Brown RHP LAD Signed Dec 1998 - 7 years/$105M

1999: $10.0M (+$5.0M signing bonus)

2000: $15.0M

2001: $15.0M

2002: $15.0M

2003: $15.0M

2004: $15.0M

2005: $15.0M

Jeff Weaver RHP NYY Signed Jan 2002 - 4 years/$22M

2002: $2.4M

2003: $4.1M

2004: $6.25M

2005: $9.25M

-Possible $700,000 in bonuses during the contract

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:banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead

NO NO NO NO!!! I guess if one is okay with gluttony, you can think it is like paying only 7.5 million a year subtracting Weaver's salary, but the Yankee Payroll has to be close to 210,000,000 dollars after we finally sign Sheffield for real. Its a shame, the Yanks already had a great starting rotation. Here's what it is now:








All of these guys could be 1 starters (Well Lieber was.) This is just insane, and I think Bartolome de Las Casas said it best:

"Ill acquired wealth will make Spain the poorest country on Earth."


Will Yankee fans be able to tolerate non-all star teams in the future? It can't keep going on like this, it is far too inefficient. Its crazy.

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maybe he just needs a change of scenery



He was an adequate pitcher in Detroit, but I don't know. He changed his whole approach and style in New York, and when I saw him pitch at Yankee Stadium in July, he was AWFUL. Weaver could be good in LA I guess, but I doubt it.

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