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How does Joe Frisaro have a job?


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He just wasted his time writing an article about how the Marlins are factoring ground-ball rate into their bullpen acquisitions, then proceeds to write about a bunch of arms that aren't ground-ball pitchers. 


My favorite part: "Tazawa, a teammate of Ziegler in Boston, had a 39.9 percent ground-ball rate..."

That's worth mentioning because that's a good ground-ball rate?


Don't provide a counterargument on his Twitter page either or he'll have you blocked. 



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Disagreed with this idiot once on twitter about how Don Kelly doesn't have a better approach than Xavier Scruggs. He blocked me and the three other people who quoted him agreeing with me and condemning him for telling a fan he's an asshole for saying I have "no clue" wha approach means.


Saw him around ST press box last year before that even happened. Tried to say hi and he blatantly ignored me. He is a prick.



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Come on lol "it wasn't that much more money"


If you offer the most money, it isn't a pretend chase


It wasn't that much more money from an organization that is a total dumpster fire. Who goes from the Cubs to the Marlins? They are polar opposites in terms of class, competency, and competitiveness.



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