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Reveal 2017 mlb.com Top 100 prospect list

Bret Hart

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45. Aaron Judge

44. Jeff Hoffman

43. Braxton Garrett

42. Hunter Renfroe

41. Jason Groome#Top100Prospects

Watch: https://t.co/JOokRhxDJw pic.twitter.com/SrUQPwOrOj


— MLB Pipeline (@MLBPipeline) 2017년 1월 29일


Tonight mlb pipeline revealed 2017 top 100 prospect list. No.1 was OF Andrew Benintendi of Red Sox.


LHP Braxton Garret, 2016 No.1 Marlins draftee, was only Fish and ranked 43rd. 


Among LHPs, he was No. 3 followed by Josh Hader(mil, 38th) and Jason Groome(bos, 41st).





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Michael Hill is such a terrible GM.


How he has a job is truly beyond me.  As has been stated time and again the Marlins problem is similar to that of the Angels.  (except much worse due to the Marlins being flat out cheap). 


They have shit drafts. They refuse to get involved in the international market.  They make generally speaking bad player deals (see last years trades). 


The Marlins are probably one of the most short sighted organizations in baseball, actually probably the most.  Being so short sighted is why you see the Marlins where they are.  Its truly sad.  Its why Michael Hill should be fired and should be fired for cause.  Any of you fans here, can probably general manage this team better than Michael Hill, even with the limitations imposed by that meddlesome owner, Jeffrey Loria. 



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