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Topps 2017/2016


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Picked up a box of 2017 Topps yesterday.  They've added social media account handles to the player cards this year - kinda interesting.  The cards themselves seem to be a thinner stock though than last years and they got lazy with some of the insert sets as the Father's Day and Mother's Day sets have the same design (unless I'm wrong and they're both part of the same insert set - haven't really looked into it).


I used to collect cards as a kid and had not bought even a single pack in probably 15 years but on a whim asked the wife for a box of cards (didn't care which brand, etc. just something cheap, new, and basic) for Christmas this year and she gave me a 2016 Topps Series 1 box.  I've managed to collect the series 1 base set now after only opening 3 boxes so I guess luck is on my side there?  I can't believe how many damned inserts there are now.  I can remember chasing one of the Ted William's autos back  in the 1993 Upper Deck boxes all summer long one year.  All my allowance, birthday money, earnings from odd jobs, etc. went towards buying boxes of those cards and although I completed that insert set I never got a damned autograph of course lol but at least there was only the single insert set to truly complete everything. 


If anyone is interested to hear - I did pull one of the 2016 Stanton short print cards from the second box I opened which is probably the biggest prize from all the packs I've opened so far.  In the 2017 Topps box I opened yesterday I got a Prince Fielder buyback card from 2007 - just kinda weird as I had no idea buyback cards were now a thing (thank you google) too.  Again, I've been out of the baseball card buying game for a long time so it's amazing to see all the crazy stuff they have crammed into packs now.



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I haven't torn pen a box since Starsurgs USA rookie was in upperdeck, I think 2006. I usually grab a pack or two for nostalgia on opening day- put em in my glove box when I'm done and throw em out around Janurary the next year.


These days, it's just cheaper and more fufilling to grab the specific card you want on ebay before you even think about boxes.


I'd probably open a box of 2004 Absolute Memoribilla but even then, I have most of those I want.



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