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4-14-2018 Post Game


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Marlins Hits: 6


Marlins Extra Base Hits: 0


Marlins Left On Base: 9


That’s sums it up. 


And Pirates has a pop up bunt single after already having an infield hit the same inning. 


And canada-marlin has no idea what day it is.


A very 2013-esque loss



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Why is Ziegler closing? 6/7 inning guy at best. Let Steckeneider or Barraclough at it.




I agree. Not even because they need to win the games and all that. Just because Ziegler has no future on this team and they should be grooming the new “closer of the future”


Probably to increase his trade value for July but it isn't working.



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Ziegler’s last two losses are on the defense. 


And yes, I know that “closers” shouldn’t rely so much on defense, but it still doesn’t excuse the defense behind him.


I agree with you, but as someone else said, he’s prone to hard contact. And Castro’s play was an odd one because he started and stopped when marte bluffed and I’m sure that kind of threw off the play for him. If we can absolve Ziegler cause of the defense, then It’s fair to credit Marte with throwing off the defense with his speed as well. All in all, what the situation called for is a strikeout pitcher. Closers need to limit contact because as we all saw, things happen when you put the ball in play.



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