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Teams in Trouble/Surprise Teams

Das Texan

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Ok folks.


What team(s) do you think could be in trouble heading into 2019?


What team(s) do you think will surprise in 2019?


I think the Indians are in trouble.  Their outfield situation is a disaster.  Their bullpen is just as much a disaster.  I"m not really ready to anoit the Twins yet (learned my lesson), so while I'm not convinced they Indians arent winning the Central, they will be lucky to win 1 game in the playoffs I think.


I also think the Cubs are in trouble potentially.  Their starting staff scares the shit out of me.


Surprise teams.....  The Padres is an easy call.  But I think they 'potentially' could be a solid third place team.


I also think the Reds are going to be a good squad, maybe even contend for a second wild card, if they can get any pitching.  Really like what they did this winter.  


And go.



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Teams in trouble - 


Brewers: last year was awesome, but that rotation is going to crumble this year 


Indians - they seem to have lost that “middle class” of their roster that really helped elevate their weaknesses. Those get exposed this year 


Surprises - 


Reds: I’m picking them to win the Central outright. They have all the peices. Key here will be if they can find a way to play together early 


Angels: Thats right, Mike Trout in a playoff game. Bour will bounce back and give them a lefty power bat in the middle of the order. 



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