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David Samson's ideas for a 2020 season


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It's only one man's idea but this is so thorough and detailed that I thought it was an interesting read at the very least to get you thinking about the intricacies and logistics and restrictions a 2020 season could have.


Anyone think something like this is what eventually ends up happening?

I really like the idea of no mound visits and requiring pitching changes to be done from the dugout. I would have actually been far more in favor of that than the 3 batter minimum rule they implemented. I feel like those mound visits take up far more time overall. I'd really like to see the 3 batter min. rule removed and swapped with this one.


Good luck banning spitting of seeds/tobacco lol. I mean, I get it, but good luck with that.


No instant replay? I guess this would be more of an effort to speed up the pace again? I mean video guys can easily socially distance so that's the only way I see this being needed.


Good luck ditching 1st/3rd base coaches. For this season - it could work though. it would be unorthodox but yeah, a manager could windmill his arm from the dugout i guess when a dude is trucking around 3rd. i still think they should just have the 3rd base coach stand back a bit further? In regards to first base - someone will still have to come out to collect the gear some guys wear that they take off after getting to first. Maybe have Billy spear it with his bill?


Clubhouse will have staggered reporting times but yet everyone will sit in the dugout together? That's almost as bad as waiting in the giant lines to get into a store that has a limited number of people allowed in at once.


Pitchers will not take batting practice with the exception of pre-certified players. That's just...interesting? I wonder how that pre-cert would take place or if there is a limit on the number of pre-certified players a team could have?


Some truly solid ideas though. I still don't see a season being played this year though as I don't think the MLBPA will go for the reduced salaries/split revenue stuff. At this point, I would almost rather us all to suffer a full year without sports just to make sure all future years aren't also screwed up. It would be worth waiting for to ensure time for a vaccine being developed and/or a better understanding of how to treat this shitty virus.

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I would be fine with no sports this whole year but I don't think the business side of it will let that happen. At least some version of every sports season will happen this year and I think the MLBPA will eventually settle on something because something is better than a whole season of nothing.

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For those that don't want to click through to get to his rule changes: There are a lot more thoughts in the link, though (including spring training, and regular season travel/postseason ideas). I added my thoughts in orange.

  1. All games will include a designated hitter. Sure
  2. There will be no mound visits during the game, and pitching changes would be done from the dugout. What does this accomplish if the players/coaches are all in the dugout together already?
  3. Extra-inning games will be played as follows:
    • The 10th inning will have a runner on 2nd base with no outs for each team.
    • The 11th inning will have a runner on 2nd base and 3rd base with no outs for each team.
    • The 12th inning will have the bases loaded with no outs for each team.
    • If the game is still tied after 12 innings, then the result will be a tie. Except for postseason games, when each inning after the 11th inning will start with the bases loaded and no outs until there is a winner. I guess these are to reduce injury potential for extra long games with a weird season?
  4. There will be no spitting of sunflower seeds or chewing tobacco permitted. There will be no sharing of beverages in the dugouts. Each player will have his own cooler and gum/energy bar supply. Do players share beverages anyway?
  5. Once a player is removed from a game, he will be forced to leave the dugout, shower in the clubhouse and leave the facility. Each road team must have enough buses available so that shuttling of players in small groups to and from the ballpark may be easily facilitated. No taxis or ride shares will be allowed to transport players to and from the ballpark. As above, why does the player have to leave the facility when he was already around all the players there? If you were already exposed to them, what good does leaving then do?
  6. There will be absolutely no visitors, media members or any other people allowed in the clubhouse. Sure
  7. There will be no instant replay. The video room will be shut during the game, and the video coordinator will leave the facility before the game begins. Why? A guy in a room by himself isn't distanced enough? Don't they just yell down the hall to relay whether to challenger or not?
  8. There will be no first- and third-base coaches on the field. This helps minimize the number of people at each game. Signs will be given by coaches from the dugout. For those concerned about waving runners home from third base or telling a batter to go to second base on a batted ball, the absence of fans will allow those signals to be given orally from the dugout coaches. The main reason for the "hand" signs by the base coaches is that it is very difficult to hear during a regular fan-filled game. There is no competitive disadvantage to everyone hearing that a batter will attempt to advance rather than looking to the base coaches for the universal stop/advance sign. As above, they're already around each other, why does it matter? Also, wouldn't the 2 coaches on the field mean they're farther away from other people, and meaning less people in the dugout while the team is batting? Meaning it's better than having 2 extra people in the dugout while batting?
  9. The following staff members will be permitted in the ballpark on game days: Manager, hitting coach, pitching coach, bench coach, (2) trainers, (1) strength coach, (4) clubhouse attendants, (1) traveling secretary, (2) owners, (1) president, (1) president of baseball operations, (1) general manager, (1) assistant GM, (1) public relations staff member and (1) doctor. Ok
  10. Players may invite up to four people to each game, however, all guests must agree to be tested for COVID-19 and agree to contact tracing. They also will be expected to maintain safe social distance in the stands and elsewhere. Ok
  11. All personnel, including players, will be temperature checked before gaining entrance to the ballpark. Any person with a temperature above the limit as defined by local state and federal guidelines will be administered a test, denied entry and sent home regardless of the test's outcome. Ok, but If the test comes out negative, do they need to be kept out?
  12. There will be no broadcasters in the ballpark, but (1) reporter will have access to certain areas. The broadcasters will be able to broadcast the games on both TV and radio remotely. Will they be able to broadcast remotely, though? (I'm genuinely asking)
  13. Only one player and the manager will meet the pool media member after each game, maintaining safe distance. Teams will make the manager and a player available for a pre- and postgame zoom with other media members, local and national. Sure
  14. Players will also have to agree to contact tracing and every other day testing. If there is a positive test, the player will be quarantined for 14 days and those on that player's contact trace report will be tested every day but able to participate in full activities until they either show symptoms or test positive. Sure
  15. The clubhouse will never be occupied by a full team. There will be staggered reporting times, depending on that particular game's lineup. As someone said above, the clubhouse can't be full, but everyone can sit in the dugout together later?
  16. The training room tables will be covered in a sanitary way, with only two players at a time allowed in the training room. Ok, but that'll mean more time to get everyone ready.
  17. The clubhouse weight room facilities will open in shifts, with full cleaning in between each use. ok, same issue with time.
  18. The food room in the clubhouse will also be open in shifts, and only open pregame, with one player per table. ok
  19. Clubhouse lockers will be assigned, so that there is maximum spacing between players. All available clubhouses in a ballpark will be used. Most, if not all, ballparks have at least one auxiliary clubhouse. As long as there are enough lockers for this, sure.
  20. Clubhouse bathrooms/showers will also be done in shifts. For example, half the team will shower immediately after the game while the other half eats, and then they switch. ok
  21. The clubhouse spread usually is served buffet style. This will change. There will be no buffet. Pregame, each team will provide all food in individually wrapped packages. After the game, each player will take his individually wrapped meal on his way out of the clubhouse. Sure
  22. Pregame batting practice and infield work will also be done with proper social distancing, meaning one person per defensive position. There will be no shagging balls during batting practice and pitchers will not take batting practice at all, with the exception of pre-certified two-way players. I understand the distancing stuff, but how does shagging balls - where there'd be people scattered about the outfield, not fit in with that? And why no pitcher BP? Just because?
  23. Within each stadium, there will be a maximum of four live cameras located behind home plate, in center field, behind first base and behind third base, with four camera operators, who would also need to be tested every other day and submit to contact tracing. Each team's broadcasts would share the same feed. Each stadium would also have one P.A. announcer. These broadcast personnel would not come in contact with players or baseball personnel. So is the camera guy going to have 8 people in his ear wanting to point at 3 things at the same time? Also, why do you need a PA announcer if there are no fans there?

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