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ESPN's Dream Job


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I'm not watchin'.....it's probably my jealousy over these lucky stiffs with no formal training getting the chance of a lifetime, while I'm stuck going through college for Communications and will no doubt be stuck with terrible job after terrible job just to get one iota of a chance to work for ESPN.

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The main problem I had with it is the judges are too nice. Even the ESPN guy whose in charge of hiring the talent was too soft on Quigley...WHO f***ING BLEW. It's not hard to have energy, just take a random guy on the street and load him up with blow - he'll get excited over a hockey game in November too!


And is it just me, or is Stuart Scott trying to outmince Ryan Seacrest? Don't mess with the master of fake energy, Stu.


Edit: That Nick guy is pretty damn smarmy. I can't complain though, figuring I am exactly the same way. Hope he goes far.

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Stuart is a bum


Quiggs is pure gold(he sucks but he makes me laugh)


(talking about Stanford basketball)"Hernandez thinking about it...now the pass...and another pass over to Childress....BANG!"....... later on in his performance(talking about hockey)... pick it up in the 1st period, the're poking at it SCORES!!!

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It seems, If it doesn't involve Philadelphia sports, he has no idea what your talking about. In that game, I think he only gave clues for Barkley and Mcnabb.


Stu used to be cool when he first started out and would slide catchphrases in there but now it's every 5 second of unfunny crap and now he thinks he's better than everyone now that Eisen is gone. Mayne would have done the best job with this show or Charlie Steiner.

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Quiggs could be a good NHL announcer for ESPN. Basketball only in case Nessler and Michaels are in a coma, but good for the NHL.


If Quiggs gets cut, I think Fox Sports may pick him up for the new show they want to create on Fox Sports Net.


1) Levine had the best overall presentation.

2) Hall, the first guy, was second best.

3) The gal is pretty good but the personal narrative of her and her sister was too long.

4) Rammahamhandam guy is too smug.

5) The right man got cut.

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I loved the show.


But when I wake up at 5 in the morning and put on SC, the last thing I wanna see is some guy with no neck and high pitched voice rambling on sports. I'll turn that s*** off. So I hope Quiggs doesn't win, he was cool but like Lavar said, he's cut out for play by play on the radio or something.


"And they said a brother can't do a hockey highlight" That was funny but overall, he sucked. I guess he was the right person to get cut.

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