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Bed Time


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At What time do you normally go to bed?


That was the question. I took it to mean, "what time do you go to bed". I think that was a reasonable translation, don't you think? lol



See, I'm kinda the opposite. I end up stayin up well past 1 every night, so when it's time for me to have to get to bed early (like when I have to be up at 530 am for football 3 days a week...damn football), I still can't go to bed at 10. What sucks is that even the night after i was up early, I'll be so tired, but not sleepy. It sucks.

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Guest marlins02

during the week i try, emphasis on try, to go to bed by 12. i have late classes and i dont have to worry about sister so i can sleep pretty late. during the weekend 1 or 2. but like furman i find myself up at 2-3 in the morning doing some s*** for school... tonight is not one of those nights thankfully.


also this site is so damn addictive that i sometimes lose track of time when im on

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