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John Edwards drops out of race


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Edwards is actually the only legitimate demopcratic candidate. He actually says what he believes in and doesnt compromise his ideas. Kerry is a JFK wannabe that would sell his soul for the white house. Hes as phony as his face.


So a guy who would sell his soul to become president, couldn't beat a guy who sold the country to become president?

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News: Edwards drops out, Bush officially wins the election


There's a very good chance Edwards won't get re-elected as senator, which is likely why he continues with this charade even though Kerry has dominated him in every contest that wasn't in SC or Oklahoma. If he can't carry his own State, and he has no appeal on the West Coast, how the hell is he going to beat Bush?

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the good news from the AP and the atlanta journal constitution:

Edwards reported dropping out of presidential race


The Associated Press

Published on: 03/02/04


WASHINGTON -- John Edwards, whose Southern charm and oratorical flare transformed the Democratic presidential contest, finally gave in to the inevitable math of the primary contest on Tuesday, bowing out with the same unbridled optimism that has characterized his candidacy.


"We have been the little engine that could," the North Carolina senator told supporters as he signaled he was abandoning his challenge to front-runner John Kerry. He planned to formally announce he is dropping out of the race on Wednesday in Raleigh, N.C.


Edwards won his native South Carolina and managed to come from the backfield in a once-crowded Democratic race with a string of strong second-place finishes to be the last major challenger to Kerry.


Edwards congratulated Kerry in a speech to supporters, signaling that Democrats would present a united front against Bush in the fall.


He called his Senate colleague from Massachusetts an "extraordinary advocate for jobs, better health care, a safer world."


"These are the causes of our party, these are the causes of our country, and these are the causes we will prevail on come November," Edwards said.


He credited Kerry with running "a strong, powerful campaign."


In a telephone call to Kerry, Edwards implied that he would drop out and told Kerry he wanted to sit down and talk with him about unifying the party, said Kerry spokesman David Wade. The two also talked about how they "rode out the tough times" and the contributions and sacrifices that their wives had made throughout the campaign, Wade said.


Kerry, in turn, credited Edwards for bringing "a compelling voice to our party, great eloquence ... and great promise for leadership for the years to come."


Edwards appealed to independents and other potential swing voters who could be instrumental in a close contest in the fall. Although he made millions as a plaintiff's trial lawyer before running for the Senate for the first time in 1998, Edwards emphasized his humble origins as the son of a textile mill worker who had lost his job when his factory closed.


That, and his ability to clearly lay out issues, enabled Edwards to connect easily with most audiences. His campaign pitch that there are two Americas -- one for the rich and powerful and one for everybody else -- resonated with audiences.


Several Democrats said Edwards' campaign skills and performance should earn him consideration as Kerry's vice presidential running mate.


Edwards did not specifically address his status in his Tuesday night speech to supporters, but left no doubt that he was dropping out. He said the themes he touched in his campaign were "the issues that the American people care deeply about."


And he turned his fire on Bush, saying, "come November, he will be out of the White House, not just out of touch."


Edwards noted that he had done best in states where he had spent the most time campaigning -- such as Iowa and Wisconsin -- and regretted that he did not have more time to promote his candidacy.


Throughout the primary season, Edwards scored best with voters who were looking for a candidate with a positive message, as well as those looking for someone who cares about people like them, exit polls showed.


His problem was the same in state after state: Most Democratic voters were concerned with one thing -- beating Bush in November -- and substantial majorities of them said Kerry was the man to do it.


Edwards made U.S. trade agreements a centerpiece of his campaign, and exit polls show voters were sympathetic to his arguments: Some 60 percent said trade takes jobs away from their states. But even among these voters, some six in 10 voted for Kerry, double Edwards' take.


Similarly, on Tuesday one in three voters said their financial situation was worse than it had been four years ago, but they voted for Kerry by three-to-one margin over Edwards.


And while he regularly talked about poverty and race relations -- issues of abiding interest to American liberals -- Edwards has consistently scored poorest with liberal voters who dominate Democratic primaries, with more support from moderates and conservatives.


Edwards is a Southern politician in the Bill Clinton mold, a youthful moderate of modest background whose charm and looks gained more attention than his policies at first.


His upbringing was a central theme to his populist message. He announced his candidacy Sept. 16 in front of the empty textile mill in Robbins, N.C., where his father had been employed for 36 years and where Edwards himself had earned money for college by sweeping floors and working as a night watchman.




i hope i dont have to see his phony face for a long time :thumbup

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how is it that with edwards gone....



bush has the election.




i dont get it.




i guess the polls out currently are full of hot air.

Actually in 1984 Mondale was up on reagan in all the polls around this time in the election cycle and reagan won. In 1990 same thing happened with Dukakis and Bush, but bush won, again in happened in 1996 where dole, who is among the worst politicans ever, was ahead of clinton in the polls at this time and clinton won in a landslide. Edwards dropping out of the race is good news for the bush camp, it doesnt assure bush reelection, but remember that all democrats are not flaming liberal elitists like Kerry, there are the traditional democrats that would have voted for Edwards happily (as they did for clinton), but do not like Kerry at all. The true blue dems of the north will vote for whoeveer carries the D, but other regions are more fickle in this regard and Kerry is not liked unaniomously by them. Same goes for republicans, the hardcore republicans vote for whoever has the R, but the moderates will not. And presidential races come down to who comes closest to the center not who leans furthest to the right or the left. Edwards is a better candidate and had a better chance to lure in the independants and moderate republicans than kerry does.

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Is there any chance Edwards will be chosen as a VP candidate?


Orlando had a town meeting yesterday and FL-D Senator Bob Graham said he would accept a VP nod...that would help with FL but elsewhere it would have no effect.

That's all Kerry needs. The States that voted for Bush in 2000 are going to vote for him again. The States that voted for Gore in 2000 are going to vote for Kerry, so the only difference is going to be Florida (which Gore should have won).

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Cangelosi Kerry has trounced Edwards in practically every state. I like Edwards too, he's just too inexperienced right now to get the nomination I think.


I agree FishFry, picking Graham (or Nelson) would go a long way towards bringing Florida, & that would make all the difference.


I'd like Edwards for VP too, but the Democrats don't NEED Edwards on the ticket. People who were going to vote for Edwards will vote for Kerry. The VP needs to bring something else to the ticket. Whether it's a particular swing state, independent voters, etc...

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