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  1. Good deal. <digital handshake>
  2. I'll take that bet. What are your terms?
  3. Yeah I understand that. And who knows.....Conley's been pretty good his last two even numbered seasons. Maybe a bounce-back year for him. Still. Jarlin Garcia.
  4. I don't know! Maybe they sidestep some archaic fees that I'm not aware of by sidestepping a conventional deal? I really don't know, but I also can't explain why they would get rid of Garcia, who led the Marlins in 2019 with a 1.105 WHIP and a 141 ERA+. I just don't get it when Conley remains on the roster.
  5. Call me on my bullshit if this is just crazy talk, but could this be the completion of a backdoor trade with the Orioles? They're first on the waiver claim list, and we got Villar under similar mysterious circumstances. Could this just be an elaborate, preconceived, under-the-radar deal?
  6. DFAing Jarlin Garcia reminds me a lot of when they traded Nick Wittgren last year for less than nothing. Garcia was their best arm in the bullpen for crying out loud, and Conley is still on the roster? What am I not understanding here?
  7. No offense taken, really! All sarcasm aside, I love you guys here. I know this place runs on sarcasm and vitriol, but I just want to take a moment here to thank you for running such a great place for Marlins fans to complain and congratulate. There aren't enough of us as it is - and this is a perfect platform for everyone whether they want to break down a trade, give someone hell, or just celebrate when things finally, blessedly, go right.
  8. Yeah they're both major league deals. I don't know why I wrote that or how it got past the proofing stage. Thanks for the heads up, but would you consider dm'ing me next time you find a glaring error like that one?
  9. You know - I thought I did a good job there. Most of the time, I feel as if I'm writing well. I wrote that, proofed it, missed the obvious flub, and published it. I continually and carefully monitor each story's performance, and revisit them for later edits as needed. That major vs. minor thing....should have been obvious. I feel like an idiot for missing it. I work really hard to grow traffic to my blog. I write over 30,000 words a month - every month. I know I make errors, but I do try very hard to keep them to a minimum. To answer your question - no I do not have an editor. If you wouldn't mind in the future, could you dm me when you find these errors? I don't think I make very many, but I'm only human after all. I'm saying that I'm not perfect. Sometimes I miss things and could use a little help.
  10. A few...nothing official though. They don't recognize me as an "actual" member of the media. The only way I get to speak with guys is through PM on Twitter. I've only been consistently in touch with Robert Dugger, Jordan Yamamoto, Trevor Richards, and quite a few of the minor league guys. When they're just starting out, and/or haven't appeared in the majors yet, they're far more likely to respond to a query on Twitter from a "non-media" media type. I try, but I can only do so much.
  11. 8.6 K/9 rate in the minors, with a 1.18 WHIP in parts of seven seasons. Far better than the 5.96 ERA and 1.84 WHIP in a small major league sample size. Time will tell.
  12. I wrote this after it happened: "The Marlins also traded reliable relief pitcher Nick Wittgren to the Cleveland Indians for relative unknown Jordan Milbrath, also a relief pitcher. Wittgren’s 125 ERA+ in 2018 was the best mark on the Miami Marlins, while Milbrath, who like Wittgren is 27-years-old, hasn’t appeared in the majors yet. Between the Indians’ double- and triple-A affiliates last season, he put up a 3.96 ERA and a 1.445 WHIP, with 61 K’s in 63 2/3 innings. For contrast, Wittgren has a 1.277 WHIP and a 3.60 career ERA in three major league seasons." It's funny, I seem to remember being a little more critical about it, but when I search Marlin Maniac, this is the only thing I found. Maybe I'm remembering being harsher on Twitter.
  13. Best of luck to Castro. I liked him in Miami, against popular opinion it seems.
  14. I think him concentrating on one arm is a great idea. Also, if for instance he concentrates on his left handed pitching, then has an injury - like a TJS-requiring-injury - he may not even need to go on the injured list. Simply swap out his glove and get back in the game as a RHP.
  15. Appreciate that - yeah I'm a bit of a homer, but nothing I wrote about there is impossible. Maybe all of it at the same time is improbable, at best, but stranger things have happened. And let's face it, if the Marlins make the playoffs, wouldn't that just be something?
  16. You "hereby declare?" Who are you? King George? Have you read it? Or are you basing your opinion on the piece based only on the title? In my eight years of writing, that's probably one of the best 10 things I've written. I wouldn't post crap here, and in fact, will likely post no more than one of my articles out of every 100.
  17. Guilty as charged. Yes I like the Marlins lol. But the 85 wins I'm projecting is a bit of an optimistic outlook considering none of the important pieces can miss a game due to injury or other mishap. I understand that things must go perfectly in order to get to that number.
  18. I was really in depth on this article. It explains exactly how the team can get to 85 wins this season.
  19. I wrote this late last night. It's a three slide article that outlines exactly how the Marlins can finish the 2020 season with 85 regular season wins. Let me know what you think. https://marlinmaniac.com/2019/12/31/digging-steamers-projections-marlins/
  20. I mean, dream on...but that would be great tbh.
  21. No advantage. No idea why they didn't resign Holaday.
  22. I like this as a depth move. Along with the other moves the Marlins have made lately, the team is already somewhat improved. Kemp could make the team, but I hope he has to "earn" it. Otherwise, it's just Granderson 2.0.
  23. 1 Berti CF 2 Rojas SS 3 Villar 3B 4 Anderson RF 5 Aguilar 1B 6 Alfaro C 7 Diaz 2B 8 Sierra LF 1 Sandy 2 Caleb 3 Lopez 4 Yamamoto 5 Elieser
  24. Hey all. Just wanted to take a quick survey about my blog, Marlin Maniac. I've been publishing a lot of quality content (imo lol) lately, and the audience is building, slowly but surely. My question is this: In lieu of actual news - signings, game recaps, personnel moves - what other things would you be willing to spend three minutes of your time to check out? I'm trying real hard to compete with Fish Stripes, but they have a giant stable of writers, whereas over at MM, it's just me and two other guys, one a part timer. That being said, it's important for me to maximize my time-cost effectiveness to develop an audience. The Top 50 thing I did had good readership metrics, but I can't do that every week. How would you all feel about a round-by-round recapping of the latest draft? Any suggestions welcome, as are additional contributors. Thank you for your time.
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