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  1. Chase Utley has a bad personal outlook on the world. He will not go far with that negative attitude towards others.
  2. Here hopes that everyone has a healthy, prosperous and physically fit new years!
  3. f*** of basedow. Your commercials blow. You better watch out Chi Chi, I'll wash your mouth out with soap. Perhaps you should go eat some prunes or something. That may help your frustrations.
  4. Ah, yes. Chi Chi. I grew up watching you and your very charismatic antics on the golf course. I must say it took a positive mental attitude and cool under pressure to succeed the way you did in your career. Ben Harrison, I applaud your confidence. You will achieve great things in your life.
  5. Julia, aren't you dead? 950473[/snapback] They said I was dead too, but that turned out not true. Perhaps Julia's death was all a hoax. Take control of your life and eat some of her recipes.
  6. Leah has a more sculpted figure. I will go with her.
  7. I'm not a big fan of this. This is almost as bad as making a movie about the tsunami in Asia that happened recently. It's just too soon.
  8. $39.99, but I consider it priceless. 843555[/snapback] Does it have your diet on that video? If it does I'll buy it man I need to get in better shape for basketball season. 843575[/snapback] Yes, it includes my "better body basics" which will help you turn your fat into body building muscle. You will go very far with that positive mental attitude. You can do anything you dream of with that outlook on life.
  9. Mr. President, if I may ask, are there any positions available on the Council for Physical Fitness? I can whip the children of this nation into shape, all it takes is for them to take control over their body, and take control of their lives.
  10. Now, Now fellas...let's not argue. I brought spinach wraps for everybody!
  11. Running on the sand dunes can really strengthen your glutes. 841993[/snapback] Running on the White House compound really clears my head during these tough times. 842000[/snapback] Now that my friend...is taking control of your life. I applaud you and your positive mental attitude.
  12. Running on the sand dunes can really strengthen your glutes.
  13. I'm a Red Sox fan. Go Bronson!! Let's get a No Hitter right here!
  14. I heard they're going to pass out steroid cream to the first 5,000 fans.
  15. dont forget Jamie Walker..... Al Levine is pretty good too 681218[/snapback] I'm pretty sure Al Levine wasn't resigned...Jamie Walker is not bad, but now they got Fernando Rodney back from injury, and he is supposed to be a stud. And I would take the Twins bullpen over the Tigers, but that pen in Detroit is damn good.
  16. WOW!! I'm the biggest Ordonez fan there is and thats even too much for my taste....Pudge last year and now this....Boras is a criminal. 678533[/snapback] Ummm....I think Pudge earned his contract last year.
  17. Hendrix. Page close second. Santana down here.
  18. We come from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow...
  19. Buffallo Soldier....Dreadlock Rasta... If Elvis beats MJ or BM that's just a flat out shame.
  20. Their GM is an idiot. 670935[/snapback] Remember that team that helped win the WS 2 years ago? Yeah, that would be the GM that helped put a lot of it together...
  21. How is Led Zep IV last? 665834[/snapback] I love Led Zeppelin. I will vote for them. I listen to them while I'm getting a sculpted body.
  22. Heidi Klum Yamilla Diaz I like them with every bulging muscle in my manly body.
  23. I appreciate all of the kind words guys. Hopefully this trying time will work out.
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