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SJ Mercury-News:Tigers to offer Ordonez 5/70 mill


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Yes that's overpaid, but even more shocking is 5 YEARS?!?!?


take a wild guess who his agent is...



I don't care if Jesus Christ is his agent, anybody that will give him 5 years after that injury at his age is a complete idiot.

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Boras likely would be open to a multiyear contract similar to the one signed by Ivan Rodriguez last year, which offered the Tigers protection if the catcher suffered a recurrence of the specific back problems he had experienced. If the Tigers agree to a long-term deal with Ordonez, it no doubt would include language that affords them protection if the player's knee trouble returns.


Look the Tigers had a pretty good year last year, not great, but a lot better than 2003. The AL Central is probably the worst division in baseball, I think most people will agree. If Magglio returns to form you have to say they will at least be able to hang around in that division for most of the year. Their pitching is still maturing after all.


Looking ahead, the FA class of winter of 05 is very thin. The Tigers farm system does not have anything worth bragging about, so if they are going to improve it will be from outside the organization, and Magglio is the best player out now and one of the best that would come out next year. Also Pudge only has so many years left in him, same with Ugie.


So if the Tigers get things in the contract like they did with Pudge I think this would be a good move for them.

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It's alright, as a Met fan.. I wouldn't with a ten-foot pole. The fact that he has Boras as a client... STILL hasn't worked out for anyone... and is already getting offered more than one year... I know it would be a bust and a hafl if he were on the Mets.

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Bitter much craig?



No, not at all. Maggs career is going nowhere, thank God he lied to us and didn't take the contract offer he asked for that we offered before he was hurt, else we'd be screwed for 5 years.


Oh, and if you can honestly say this is a good move by the Tigers, your a complete idiot.

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I happen to like this move by the Tigers...


a lineup with White, Pudge, Guillen, Pena, Ordonez, Inge, DaMeat Hook, Monroe, Logan/Sanchez is pretty beast


They need to show the faithful they want to win, and getting Maggs is the way to go(even if they do overspend)

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Tigers are determined to get 1 big FA this offseason I guess.


They are the hosts for the all-star game this year. To my knowledge, they talked about signing a combination of;
















And all they have to show for it is Troy Percival at $6 million per year. :hat


Feel free to add some more names because I can't remember for sure if the Tigers were pursuing Pedro, Benitez, and Christian Guzman.

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