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Farnsworth to the Tigers?


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Cubs Trade RHP Kyle Farnsworth to Tigers for 3 Minor Leaguers


CHICAGO -- The Chicago Cubs traded right-handed reliever Kyle Farnsworth and a player to be named to the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday for pitcher Roberto Novoa and two minor leaguers.


Farnsworth was 4-5 with a 4.73 ERA last season for Chicago. He struck out 78 batters in 66 2/3 innings.


"Kyle Farnsworth is an established major league relief pitcher," Tigers president Dave Dombrowski said in a statement. "He can pitch in many roles out of our bullpen and is a quality addition to our pitching staff."


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- I dont get this trade for the Cubs.. Farnsworth has always had the talent but never has arrived (Kinda like Drew).. I think Farnsworth could perhaps shine now.. The thing is.. This cant be the end of the thing.. But all these prospects they are getting this off-season.. Will probably be shipped in a trade for a closer..

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dont forget Jamie Walker.....


Al Levine is pretty good too



I'm pretty sure Al Levine wasn't resigned...Jamie Walker is not bad, but now they got Fernando Rodney back from injury, and he is supposed to be a stud.


And I would take the Twins bullpen over the Tigers, but that pen in Detroit is damn good.

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2004 Tigers Pitching Staff. Road Stats:


Maroth: 5-10 5.26 ERA 1.52 WHIP

Bonderman: 7-7 4.76 ERA 1.26 WHIP

Robertson: 6-3 4.58 ERA 1.36 WHIP

Johnson: 4-5 4.14 ERA 1.32 WHIP

Knotts: 2-4 5.25 ERA 1.64 WHIP

Walker: 4.55 ERA 1.48 WHIP

Ledezma: 3.95 ERA 1.35 WHIP

Urbina: 5.33 ERA 1.50 WHIP

Patterson: 5.00 ERA 1.28 WHIP


Comerica Park does some great things for pitchers. :whistle

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