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  1. Although we did dominate the Nationals, our team showed signs of what won us games last year. Solid starting pitching and making sure the ball doesn't stay in the parks. With that said, now it's time for our Major League schedule to start.
  2. I say we just get Fruit of the Loom to pay for the stadium gap and sign A-Rod to a ten figure salary. Fruit of the Loom + A-Rod = $$$$$ Simple math.... right? My point is, none of us know what we're talking about because at the end of the day Loria still owns the team, Samson has no idea what he's doing, and Beinfest will always be underrated.
  3. UCF @ Southern Miss Sunday night on ESPN. Even though UCF got anihilated by ECU, this is the C-USA Championship. Done and done.
  4. Until I can park my car in the lots and tailgate will I believe in a new stadium. Being a Marlins fan since I was 5 in '93, optimism on the stadium issue isn't something I dish out over headlines. Believe it if you must, but don't cry when all longtime fans say, "I told you so."
  5. We'd still finish in last unless A-Rod can pitch 6 innings. The best point made so far.
  6. I BELIEVE! I believed in '97 when Bobby Bo' hit that homerun in game seven. I believed in '03 when Beckett threw that complete game. Hell, I kept believing everytime we had our backs up against the wall. Our team has a knack for pulling off miracles, just look at this season. No one expected us to come this far. We've exceded, no, we've destroyed expectations (in a good way) so why do we have to get down now? Lets enjoy this ride and look forward to these following weeks. Heck we weren't supposed to be here anyways. we believe
  7. how bout everyone comes over my place for a marlins watch party i go to ucf and have directv.. i could charge $1.00 per person :] haha great idea, i go to UCF too, sophomore though. what year are you?
  8. Believe me,a bunch of the Gators tried to do this cause FSN also shows Gator basketball games and it didn't help, and there are a lot more Gator fans in central Florida than there are Marlin fans. Hopefully with the Gators looking to repeat in Bball, they will decide to add FSN for our poor souls in C.Florida. Did you guys petition.
  9. I'm sure if we petition we can sway BHN to add FSN Florida when the SUNsports contract expires. I'll see what I can do. Edit: This is the statement I came up with. Please add to or edit so we can get this underway. "We, the sports fans of central Florida, wish that Brighthouse Networks include Fox Sports Network Florida in their cable packages. As fans of teams such as the Florida Marlins, the Florida State Seminoles, the Florida Gators, and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, we are unable to these games on a regular basis. Since Brighthouse Networks does not offer FSN Florida, we are in short pr
  10. not entirely, but a great program anyways. is there a way to display a map? how does it tell me where to set up?
  11. I've been googling for about 20 minutes and it's getting frustrating. I once saw someone on a program that could locate where WAP's were, it was pretty cool. It displayed them on a circle that way you would know where to set up and find a network. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the program or had a program similar to it that maps out locations. Thanks guys.
  12. FSN Florida is a basic cable channel that charges a certain amount for itself per subscriber. ($2-3 usually) Bright House Networks, like Time Warner before it, refuses to carry and pay for FSN Florida. They want to put it on Digital Cable. FSN is not a digital channel and almost every other cable company carries and pays for it as a regular cable network. Once Sun Sports' contract with Bright House is done, FSN/SUN will go to the table as one and you can bet Bright House will add FSN or risk losing the Magic, Gators, and Golden Knights games SUN has and risk alienating even more people a
  13. After joining these forums I realized that I'm not the only Marlins fan who can't watch their team. In order to watch them, I would have to sign a huge contract for a satelite provider, since I'm in an MLB.tv blackout area. Being a college student, that is out of the question. The only cable provider up in the 407 happens to be Brighthouse Networks, who for some reason do not offer FSN Florida. This happens to be very frustrating being that most of us are Marlins fans up here, not Devil Rays. Being that this is a forum with many Orlando fish-atics, I came up with an idea. Do you all believ
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