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  1. I for one feel that it's about time! Long overdue. It just looks odd because we made the playoffs. However, if this would've happened last year, the reality is that we'd all be unanimously celebrating. As for replacement, if we go out of the organization, I'd be interested in Dave Dombrowski. While I know many people will point to the aftermath of what happened in Detroit and Boston, I will point to what he did with the Marlins with building a winner from expansion, then after being ordered to trade away everyone, he restocked us for years that eventually led us to winning that second championship in 2003 with a roster filled with guys that Dombrowski brought in...D-Lee, Castillo, Gonzalez, Lowell, Miggy, Beckett, Penny, Burnett, Looper, etc. And then there were guys brought in with guys that he added, like Pierre (for Preston Wilson and CJ), Encarnacion and Pavano (for Dempster and Floyd), and Willis (part of Alfonseca deal). As for the future of the team, for me, when you make the playoffs and let go of Mike Hill in the same year, the future is bright. Go Marlins!!!
  2. The articles that are constantly dished out about the Marlins by idiots that don't follow the team, and just repeat what they read by another idiot, is a reason why we need to have a fan led website with articles by us. I used to do this for this website and for Fish Stripes. Of the two, I preferred this, but preferred the old format that Larry had that allowed for some of us that wrote to put in our pieces and points of view. E!SPN and the rest of the plagiarists that follow them will not give respect to the Marlins. It's all about Red Sox and Yankees with them.
  3. I'm thinking the same thing. I've not really bought into the Mets "great pitching staff" hype. When looking at that so-called "great" staff, other than deGrom, which one of them has had a consistent career both in performance and health? Synergaard has done well, but hasn't put in the success through a 200-inning season. Both Matz and Wheeler have, at most, half a season of success on their resumes. As for the Nats, it will be interesting to see how they play without Harper - not that he was much of a difference maker for them. And I'll question even Philly. Are we really concerned about Harper? See Nats with him
  4. Yes, that's another big factor. Very good point. In theory, if he does get the ABs there, he could be looking at entering the market off of a potential 25+/- HR .270+ avg season, as a lefty bat, who "plays" multiple positions, at age 30. That could potentially get him a 3 or 4 year deal of good $$$.
  5. Yeah, usually after a guy is non-tendered, he's not happy with the team to come back at the lesser price (which was the reason for the non-tender). That's why I'm thinking that the money they signed Walker for could've gone to Dietrich, but he probably didn't want it for multiple factors, some being what I mentioned. Also, with the Reds, he's closer to his hometown in Cleveland. So, that is another factor.
  6. That's what I'm thinking with some of the guys that are in their mid to late 20s, that they got from the scrap heaps of other franchises (O'Brien, Cooper, Caleb Smith, Dixon Machado, etc.). Ross was that. Uggla was Rule 5. Cantu was thought to be done from injuries. Joe Borowski, Todd Jones...etc. etc. I'm wondering about possibly finding a few of those this year.
  7. He probably didn't want it as he thought he would get more on the open market from a team that he hoped had a better chance at the postseason. Seems that a lot of free agents have been fooled by their agents into thinking that their markets are larger than they actually are.
  8. They'll look good in those new uniforms. There is also the hope for the future. There is a chance that some of these guys that are in their late 20s, may be hungry enough to put together a team effort that may be a little surprising (in that we aren't a 100-loss team). I think the highest hope for 2019 is that we'll be intriguing because I wonder what some of these late age 20s guys can do with their first extended chances that they will get here, that weren't available in their previous franchises. With this said, the joy will be to see what kids are ready to come up to join the ones that are already up.
  9. You lost me when I saw E!SPN. As for their bash of the Marlins, that is as constant for E!SPN as it is for them to talk about LeBron, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Duke University, all things Boston and NY. Bashing the Marlins falls in line with their bashing Miami (the U, Heat, Dolphins, etc.) agenda. How dare we always ruin their agenda of convincing the world that Boston and NY are the centers of the universe! And if I'm wrong, I am still looking for those lean years that the Red Sox sucked between championships, and trying to find E!SPN taking shots at them. Somehow I can't find that stuff as it seems like the coverage and comments made them sound like they had juggernaut teams in 2012, 2014, and 2015. I seem to struggle finding their bashing of the Red Sox, Yankees, and Mets in those teams' lean years. For me, being a Marlins fan, and South Florida sports fan, not supporting NY and Boston loving outlets like E!SPN comes with the territory. I get it. They hate Miami.
  10. So thrilled about this trade, and having to admit or face the reality, that Mike Hill saved his own skin in this deal...unless Jeter did do what I think would've gotten a trade done, and kicked Hill out of the negotiation room. Now, we can enjoy the full rebuild and see what we have and can get and develop moving forward. Go Marlins! Let's get number 3 (1997, 2003, ????) before any other expansion franchise!
  11. At this point, someone needs to tell Jeter to kick Hill out of the room. It needs to go down like this. Jetes: "Mike, we've given you the chance to show that you can do your job. Clearly you ain't getting this done the way we envision this. Please leave the room while the grown-ups are talking." Hill: "But but but, look at all of the many great deals I've made. Look at when I traded Derek Lee...uh...Miguel Cabre...uh...Josh Will...uh...traded for Andrew Cashn...uh...traded for Dan Strai...uh...when I signed Mike Mor...uh...signed Jarrod Saltala...uh...signed Wei-Yin...uh...never mind. Call me when you need me."
  12. This gave me a great Friday afternoon laugh. Even funnier, I wonder how close to true this may actually be. We're talking about Mike Hill and his appearances that often make him appear to be clueless.
  13. Give it time to see how the kids pan out before we say we got fleeced. Even with that deal, Hill with the previous regime would have gotten less than we got in that deal.
  14. Agreed. However, I'm wondering how much of the delays have to do with Mike Hill still being the guy in negotiations when teams are used to him being a part of so many bad trades under the previous ownership, so they think they can wait him out like they've done in the past? However, the snag this time is that Jeter and Co. (Gary Denbo, etc.) are not budging and are not willing to sign off on anything that has been offered so far. Maybe the Marlins get what they want faster if they remove Hill from the negotiations, so it's clear to these other teams that there are no dimwits in the room that will fold? This thing has gotten ridiculous, and the only thing I can figure is teams think they can get a steal again from Hill, but this time the guy with the rubber stamp (Jeter with Denbo and the rest of the team's advisement) isn't signing off. In the past, this trade would've been done for far less return with Hill and the previous front office and ownership regime.
  15. I wonder if anyone is considering that the delays and craziness of this is due to the following possibility: Teams are used to ripping Mike Hill off in the past, and him being able to get the sign-off from the higher ups on his preferred deals. However, this time, Jeter is not signing off and is sending Hill back to the negotiation table until he comes back with what Jeter has made clear his new team wants (Denbo, etc.) Teams are thinking that Hill will get Jeter to budge because Hill always folded in the past and got the previous regime to sign off. However, Jeter hasn't budged on the final sign-off, or is keeping note that if he can't get what he wants, it will clearly fall on Hill's head and reputation in the game as a dimwit. Remember, Jeter feels that Hill has to prove that he can do his job.
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