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  1. What's the over under on how many times they say "new normal" on the broadcast? lol.
  2. I'm with you - I think it's dumb too.
  3. I've been following things for years 😏
  4. That's why a deal hasn't been done yet, it's going to take more.
  5. Ugh, we're going to have to listen to Todd/Paul "One Voice" Hollerino again.
  6. I feel like they probably would in some sort of "southeast" division.
  7. Agreed - "easy" way for the league to make up money lost in this season with expansion fees from the new clubs. They wanted to do it anyway, this gives them an extra push to do it.....plus it's a bone they can throw at the union - "hey, we can create 50 (or X number) new jobs by adding 2+ teams". Plus, it can also help with the minor league negotiations. Manfred wants to cut the number of teams, but if you add say 2 new franchises, you'll need however many minor clubs for them, meaning fewer cuts on the minor league side.
  8. Yeah - maybe it's something MLB throws out there along with a bigger slice of revenue from it
  9. I agree with @SonOfJack. I also like that the wild card is now a 3 game series. I've always hated the single game Wild Card play in. Kind of like government - once the money spigot gets opened, it doesn't shut.
  10. If you can get him for that, sure. Seems low for his side, though.
  11. The top of the anchor looks to recreate the space needle, which is a nice touch.
  12. I keep seeing a seahorse with that S logo.
  13. Maybe. Teams might be scared away by his injury history, though.
  14. Sounds like Conley was in mid-season form!
  15. rmc523

    Lewin Diaz

    For some reason the button to click to add a reaction is nearly invisible for me.
  16. You know there'd be an article ridiculing the Marlins for doing it. While completely ignoring the fact the Giants are doing it.
  17. We signed Kyle Nicholas (our Supplemental 2nd round pick) for $1,129,700.
  18. Well, the Marlins usual 16 fans may be allowed in the stadium, so there's no need for extra "fans"/cutouts in the stands. Wouldn't want it looking too crowded.
  19. I was going to say, can we help him find it?
  20. Not sure why they're releasing it so early.
  21. I'm only into it because it's the local team and I played/still play sometimes for fun. I otherwise don't really watch soccer.
  22. Do we need an awkward 10 minute pause before the game?
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