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  1. I believe those new concrete walls will be painted green, based off renderings. The Clevelander is at pool/field level, and extends from the bullpen to the HR feature. And that oval area on the concourse is going to be a bar, if I remember correctly. Thanks!!
  2. Webcam is updated (presets) and it is really looking close to completion. The fish tanks look good, not too brightly lit to distract fielders. Question, where will the Clevelander be? At pool level or above? And what will the new concrete walls (just finished and primed white) be? What about the oval-shaped area at the top level under the glass panels?
  3. I would like to know what the incremental cost of the stadium was to make the roof retract. I understand that permenant domes are a thing of the past, but in a situation like the Marlins have where almost all of their games will be played under a roof, does the cost justify the benefit? Obviously none of this matters now. The roof being retractable allows for the use of natural grass as well as sometimes open on the occasional cool day/night.
  4. Has Heath Bell lost a little weight since last year?
  5. What's up with the webcam???? How am I going to stare at the field/dugouts/outfield walls/bullpen/Clevelander for an hour a day looking for every minute change??
  6. I'd rather have Rich and Tommy calling the game anyway.
  7. Wait, wait, wait....... A Camaro?1??? Forget what I said earlier, he's obviously an idiot. Yeah, he could get a much nicer car than that... Carlos Silva stinks & check out his ride: Eh, my calling him an idiot was only half serious. With their money, I'd want one of everything too.
  8. Zambrano's Jeep, lmao. Why didn't he get a Hummer? Buy American? Edit: yeah, Hummer is American too.
  9. Not sure if this was posted before but here's a video of Hanley & his new yellow Camaro: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEB1kZaUDqw Wait, wait, wait....... A Camaro?1??? Forget what I said earlier, he's obviously an idiot. :laughpurple
  10. NOBODY INFORMED ME ABOUT A NEW OPTIMISTIC POSTER. Admin! Admin GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW! I forgot to register with the Head In The Clouds department.
  11. Another video of Hanley taking grounders at 3B...He couldn't handle the first one but got the second one. He needs some work on ranging to his left & making the long throw to 1st. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bFiXOIZtE0 That would be his right, and isn't that exactly what he's doing now???
  12. I like how he laughs when asked about the move and says "I never said I didn't want to do it" He says he has been working hard all off season, getting up at 7 am to work out. He wants to win, talks about being a happy team, smiles in the clubhouse, etc. I'm sure the Hanley haters will have their own opinions but I think the guy wants to be a great player and wants to help the Marlins in to the post season. The first time he makes an error the told-you-so's will start but I'm hoping he does well. Man I'm freakin' excited for this season!!!
  13. Glad to see some people took the advice from my previous post. Really hope for a bounce-back year for Cogs. It would be great for the team to have him off the bench as fourth outfielder or pinch hitting.
  14. Looks like they went fishing, JJ has a bag of filets.
  15. I'm disappointed and relieved at the same time.
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