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2004 Marlins Opening Day Roster

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Barring any trades, which is still a possibility for a relief pitcher, the Marlins opening day roster is set:



Josh Beckett #21

Brad Penny #31

Dontrelle Willis #35

Carl Pavano #45

Darren Oliver #37

Justin Wayne #48

Nate Bump #40

Matt Perisho #46

Tommy Phelps #57

Chad Fox #44

Armando Benitez #49



Ramon Castro #17

Mike Redmond #52



Hee Seop Choi #25

Luis Castillo #1

Alex Gonzalez #11

Mike Lowell #19

Wil Cordero #16

Mike Mordecai #12

Damion Easley #2

Lenny Harris #10



Miguel Cabrera #24

Juan Pierre #9

Jeff Conine #18

Abraham Nunez #27


DL: A.J. Burnett, Tim Spooneybarger

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I'm very disappointed with the bullpen, the FO should have traded for someone decent, rather than signing Tanyon Sturtze to a minor-league deal, which barely qualifies as a move.

I agree with you. We should of gotten another arm in the bullpen. Thats our weakest part in our roster. Also we never know how good benitez will be when it comes time to close out games.


Also Tanyon Sturtze has been released...

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I think the bullpen is pretty solid. Much better than what we had until late last year. Benitez is going to be flat out unhittable in PPS, and his regular 2.xx ERA self elsewhere. There is some different kind of pitchers in there that we can throw at opponents, and we have a true lefty specialist this year.

Who knows how it will turn out though. The Yankees, Red Sox and others regularly spend millions on experienced veterans and come up with poor middle relief year after year. IMO, it's not really who you have in your pen but how you use them.

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looking at it, I'm actually pretty pleased with the pen. Would I like it stronger? Certainly, but who wouldn't. I think Benitez and Fox are two premium relievers, and Wayne will be more effective one or two innings at a time than 4 or 5. Perisho hasn't sold me, but he's better than Tejerable, and Phelps has enough stamina to eat up innings if necessary (plus he throws pretty hard for a lefty specialist). I would have liked to see us trade for Juan Cruz, but other than that I really can't find any moves to really b***h about.


Also, just my two cents, but I think our bench is going to be the strongest in the NL East...

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Guest FishFanInPA

Let's remember we have one of the best GM's in the game and I'm sure he's burnin up the phone lines looking for some sort of improvement.


The rest of the team is so solid it's ridiculous. The Phillies arent gonna know what's hittin em.

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This is a opening day roster! Its not like all of these guys will be here for the whole season either. Did we have Conine, Urbina, C. Fox, Helling, Harris etc. on last years opening day roster? No we did not. So don't think that this is the only 25 players will have all season. Its not that bad and it will only get better.

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