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Is it me...

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...or is ESPN exploiting Dontrelle and Miguel a lot?


The future of baseball must get good ratings...

Dontrelle was the NL rookie of the year last year and is one of the most exciting pitchers to watch in all of baseball, hell he was even featured in his own national MLB commercial, of course they're going to hype him up at every chance they get. As far as Cabrera, he's only 21 and look at what he's done so far, whether you like it or not he IS the future of baseball and ESPN has noticed.


It's not exploitation, just business and good business at that.


Just last year at this very point in the season everyone was complaining how the Marlins never get any national coverage, noone ever talks about us, blah blah blah and now people are actually complaining that our young stars are being "exploited"? Please, that is just ridiculous.

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