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Nate Robertson


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Is anyone else happy for the guy? 2 years ago our season was over and we brought him and Justin Wayne up. They both looked "Ok" and we held on to Wayne and eventually traded Robertson to the Tigers for Redman.


Last year, Detroit brought him in late and he only started 8 games, but was actually decent despite the team. He had an 8 K game too.


This year, it looks like he's put it all together and is 1-0 with 30 K's in just 22 innings. He also has a nice 2.78 ERA. I remember hearing a story on him two years ago that he was a Fish fan and bought tickets to the '97 World Series and went to some season openers. His dream was to pitch for the Fish and he did. Despite looking AWFUL 2 years ago, he was happy.


Now he's lookin' real good in Detroit.



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It was great to watch him pitch when he was in Portland - a good player and a good guy.

It definitely was - and he did a lot in the community. Once, when the Sea Dogs had an off day, he decided to visit the radio station that he listened to whenever the team was in Portland. He wasn't scheduled to appear or anything, but he wanted to meet them and see if there was anything he could do for them. This station was WMSJ, the same Christian station that MarlinsFans46 and I now volunteer for (on their TV show though). I thought it was very cool of him to take the time on his day off to come in and make himself available. :thumbup I'm glad he's doing well this season. :)

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