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Carl Pavano

Das Texan

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A few weeks ago I said that Brad Penny was our best starter.




Today I'm going to say that Carl Pavano right now is the 2nd best starter on this team and has been all year long.




We have to make it a top priority to make him a Marlin for life this winter.



Carl is a pitcher and has really matured in the last year. Great to see him suceeding.

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It shows what throwing strikes and attacking the zone can do.

he has matured as a pitcher.




if josh could only do the same.




and aj. aj has been horrible with his command in his first 2 games back


and as with josh


sometimes he is great


and sometimes he is horrible


i guess its just how he feels when he wakes up



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BUT Das like I thought pitching was all about who can throw the hardest!!!

uh....aj had bad command


and he was throing hard, like 95+


and he didnt do so good....



but throwing hard does help


but it dosent mean you will do good


you have to have control

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The playoffs and series showed us he had fully turned the corner after hints of it during the season.


i remember reading an article in an out of town paper about him during the playoffs...he said he was out to rid himself of the ghosts that haunted him, the teams that gave up on him---i knew he had arrived.


not much difference between him and Brad this year

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I agree with you Das, this guy needs to be kept! He keeps surprising me evertime he takes the mound, and today...wow.


I personally think the FO won't be economical at all when it comes to starting pitching. They know that our guys are the envy of many, and pitchers like these are hard to replace. Replacing a bat is much, much easier.

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put willis in the 'pen

Why is it that whenever someone struggles, people say "Put him in the pen?"


Willis is a starter. He was last year and he is this year. If someone just put Pavano in the pen through his early career struggles, we wouldn't be talking about him right now. Willis isn't going to go out there and pitch a shut-out every night. He's young and he's learning. He's willing to learn. He's not cocky and he has a great attitude. And Tommy Phelps is NOT starting over him any day.

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Pavano has really impressed me. Both he and Penny seemed to turn a corner last year in the playoffs. He is easily the second best pitcher so far this year. The thing about him is that he always keeps low pitch counts because he doesn't really strike out or walk people. He lets them hit the ball in play. He always has the chance of going deep into the game which is always good with the bullpen

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As far as I can tell Willis has been the only starter people have suggested to send to the pen. OK, some thought Burnett could come back sooner if he relieved for awhile. And nearly everyone wanted Oliver released, not sent to the bullpen.


And again I'll make the case after a 4 inning start or a 4-hit complete game that Willis should join the bullpen. Him or Phelps as our 5th starter doesn't matter much but Willis in the bullpen gives us that second excellent arm and more time for him to learn and try out another pitch.

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