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With all the LeBron/Carmelo hype...


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None other than the number 2 pick overall Darko Milicic who averaged a whopping 1.7ppg this season. So I guess that makes it:


Darko: 1 year = 1 championship

Malone/Payton: 59305 years = 0 championships


I think we have the next John Salley on our hands... :D

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Detroiut with Carmelo means less of Prince who has created mismatches for everyteam the Pistons have played.

Agreed. Carmelo would have messed with team chemistry...as I said, Pistons are playing great w/ Darko on the bench. They should keep it that way.

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Well I think Steve Kerr always brought chamionships to teams he went to. I mean he was the only player to win the championship 3 times in a row in the late 90's. He first won it 2 times with Jordan than went to the Spurs and than the Spurs won it.

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What's Darko to do? Mainly sit and watch


He played nine minutes in opening three rounds

June 7, 2004








LOS ANGELES -- He got his ears pierced last month, and has dyed his hair blond for a second time this season.


Well, Darko Milicic of the Pistons has to do something with his time.


"I have to put tape on my earrings because I don't want the refs to see," said Milicic, the No. 2 pick in the NBA draft last June.


That shouldn't be a problem unless the officials are looking at Detroit's bench while the Pistons play the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.


Milicic, the 18-year-old center from Serbia and Montenegro, spent much of his rookie season watching games, knowing many thought Detroit should've drafted Syracuse small forward Carmelo Anthony.


Milicic played in 34 regular-season games, and averaged just 1.4 points and 1.3 rebounds in 4.7 minutes. Some dubbed him "the human victory cigar" because if he got in the game, Detroit was likely wrapping up a rout.


Before Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night in Los Angeles, Milicic had scored one point in nine minutes over five playoff games.


"It's been hard to only watch," he said. "I thought I would play at least 10 minutes a game this season, but I didn't get a chance to show what I can do.


"I feel bad, but I'm not angry at anybody."


Joe Dumars told anybody who would listen that Milicic would not play much this year, and that Anthony would be a great player.


But Dumars, the Pistons' president of basketball operations, answered never-ending questions about his decision to pass on Anthony, the third overall pick who led Denver to the playoffs.


"We love the fact that we have a team competing for the NBA championship right now, and have Darko for the future," Dumars said Sunday afternoon.


Unlike Cleveland's LeBron James, Anthony and Miami's Dwyane Wade -- the first, third and fifth picks overall -- Milicic played behind veterans on a team coming off two successful years.


"He was put in a tough situation," James said earlier this season.


Milicic has tried to make the best of it.


The 7-footer showed up at training camp weighing 245 pounds, and he said he had added 20 pounds of muscle. He goes to practices early, and stays late to work on his game.


Pistons assistant coach Mike Woodson, who is renowned for leading players through individual drills, said Milicic had improved dramatically.


"When he first got here, he didn't have a clue," Woodson said. "He didn't know the meaning of toughness, or playing hard and a lot of that was because he's a kid. About midway through the season, he started to get it.


"This summer is going to be pivotal for him because he didn't play much. Playing in the Olympics would be huge for him."


Milicic (pronounced MILL-a-chich) told the Pistons he wouldn't play for their summer-league team because he wanted to focus on his hopes of playing in Athens.


"I'm going to try to make the Serbian national team," he said. "I hope I make it because I need some playing time."


The Pistons are optimistic about Milicic's future. He's still just 18, and his birthday is June 20, the day the finals will conclude if there's a Game 7.


"People forget that he's like one of these guys straight out of high school, but he's also straight out of another country," teammate Darvin Ham said. "We're all reminded that he's just 18 when we see him with those new earrings, going through the bling-bling stage that we all have in this league.


"People might not believe it, but we all think he's going to be a heck of a player in this league."

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Yeah it's true that it's pretty ironic Carmelo and Lebron were getting all the hype and now Darko might get the ring but then again...


it's not like anyone said Melo or Bron were gonna get a ring anyway, they just overhyped how good they were, and not that their team was gonna win a 'ship (like the media overhyped the Lakers). It's pretty much just a coincidence that Darko could be part of a championship team because it's not like he did much to help them.


But it's still pretty damn funny.

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Nothing beat Darko getting in at the end of last night's game.


The dude was jogging, hell power walking, down the floor, looked like he had just been woke up on the bench and told to go in. Good times.


Those free throws ruled too, he just threw them up there.


He so didn't care.

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Detroiut with Carmelo means less of Prince who has created mismatches for everyteam the Pistons have played.

Agreed. Carmelo would have messed with team chemistry...as I said, Pistons are playing great w/ Darko on the bench. They should keep it that way. I agreed also. Alot of people said Pistons will regret not drafting Melo. Looks like they are wrong. :lol

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if the pistons resign okur and rasheed, it pretty much solidifies drafting darko as a dumb move

why is that? hes 18 he is the future. rasheed will be gone soon he is pretty old (that said IF and only IF they re-sign him)


and who would you draft to put in and be an impact player?!?! look at their big 4


B. Wallace

R. Wallace




who do you draft to stick in and become a huge impact right away?

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