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On a brighter bullpen note...

The Marlin Man

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This guy has pretty good stuff, his first few outings he gave up a lot of hits but he also had a lot of K's.....and i dont think he's given up a bomb (although I'm not sure)


It seems to me that, if he throws strikes, he can be a VERY viable 7th inning guy


Because of all the K's he has I'll say that the hits he gave up in his first couple outings were a product of averages, the hits just got clumped into a few innings.


I like Howard, I know McKeon does too....besides Benitez he is the only guy that throws at 95 in our bullpen and he has three other pitches to go with it.


I think we will begin to see Howard used as our set up man although he is ideally a a 7th inning guy at this point in his career.


this is how i WISH our bullpen looked


CL : Chef


7th inning : Howard


Lefty specialist : Perisho (yes, only use this guys for lefties PLEASE, lets not misuse him like we did with AAA)


Long relief : Oliver, Phelps, Wayne........... it's nice to have both a lefty and right long relief guy......... Out of these three, wayne can also be used in 7th inning situations when Howard needs rest but I would only do this Sparingly.


What we NEED is a Set Up man....this bullpen is not bad if we had a guy for the 8th.


Let me ask you this if we had either Fox or Spooney would this pen be bad at ALL??


not really, if guys are used properly then they can be effective, our problem is we are forced to misuse these guys becuase of our lack of that set up guy.


Problem is that kind of guy seems to be tough to find this season


Oh well, Great Job Howard..... I only see him getting better.... you heard it here, he's gonna be a staple

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McKeon has said repeatedly that he's just waiting for someone to step up and claim the setup role. Well Howard looked so sharp that you wonder why Jack didn't just leave him in there longer.


At any rate, I agree. He clearly can throw hard, and looks to have a good slider at times. Just needs to stay near the strike zone.

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Guest Guest

J-Mac let him bat, and then took him out


that confused me, he was pitching very well, i was impressed

It's because the Sox brought up a lefty pinch hitter.

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J-Mac let him bat, and then took him out


that confused me, he was pitching very well, i was impressed

It's because the Sox brought up a lefty pinch hitter. I know, but we had a 4 run lead.


I don't get why Jack overplayed the chess match last night :banghead

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Spoony :wub:







Howard hasn't been too bad ... he's seemed relaxed last night


... but than I went to see the end of the "nba" finals game and I think I took the marlins with me

haha, yeah, i was drinking and smoking with some of my friends


but i kept sneaking away to the comp to watch the game on mlb.tv (pathetic i know, but im adicted to the fish!)


finally when the 9th came and we were up 5-3 i told myself "ah, what the hell, chef has got it in the bag" and i walk away...


few hours later i come back home and the first thing i check is marlinsbaseball.com


and ofcourse the first topic i see is "who do we blame today on?"


haha, i couldnt believe my drunken eyes.....sigh....put this loss on me guys



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The problem with this bullpen is the minor league trash like Bump and Borland blowing game after game...Howard has good stuff, but from what I've read, his velocity is a bit down. I read a bio saying he hits anywhere from 93-98 MPH and I don't think I've seen him top 94...he has a nasty breaking ball though, so he could be effective.


That being said, he has to earn it...He gave up a HR to Piazza i'm pretty sure...so he has given up a bomb. If he continues to pitch well CONSISTENTLY, then I'd be all for it.


Guys like Borland, Bump on the other hand are complete garbage. They offer nothing to this team. Watching minor league fodder blowing game after game is just so frustrating to watch. Wayne and Phelps are too inconsistent for my liking, too..although some of it in Wayne's case could be due to the shoulder problem. Perisho is very one dimensional...I've never seen someone dominate lefties and be so bad against righties.


This team needs at least two relievers...because if only one is added we're going to end up doing what we did to Fox and blow his arm out.

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Howard hit 95 yesterday


i agree, bump has to go, as does neu.....I think borland can be used effectivley, but not as a guy to hold a close lead.


I think only one arm is NEEDED as I see Howard as a viable 7th inning guy.....basically i'm saying that if we get another chad fox then howard can take some of the weight off him, so we dont blow out whoever-we-get's arm


now, can we upgrade from wayne, phelps, borland or oliver.....absolutely


but i think only one is NEEDED

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Borland has only blown 1 game. Bump 3, mostly because the defense nable to convert his groundballs into outs.



The club isn't going to make a move in July when the market is saturated with relievers, so can we stop with the moaning and groaning and start coming up with some real options? McKeon just needs to use the bullpen better.


Benitez - closer. If he's not getting regular work keep him fresh by allowing him to pitch in jam situations.

Howard - setup man. Wayne could join him when he returns.

Bump - any situation without a runner on third.

Perisho - lefty specialist, and only lefties.

Phelps & Oliver - effective in any role, but with Burnett still starting with a pitch count they'll be putting some two or three innings nights in.


And is it just me or are there too many lefties in the bullpen? 3 is a lot considering our opposition's lineups. The last time we had 3 was the Colorado and San Fran trip, and you know how that worked out.


Edit: Just read that Josias Manzanillo was called up from Albuquerque. Don't know who he replaces. http://www.abqtrib.com/archives/sports04/0...rts_topes.shtml

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Tejera has no right to be pissed. He had his chance up here and blew it. Get the attitude right and start pitching well at AAA and then they might call you when rosters expand.

jeez, cape, you call everyone out on their attitude


tejera has been pitching very well in AAA and he is seeing a rotating door of people he is better than getting called up before him


i think the little venting that he did was perfectly justified


he has no attitude problem

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