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Sea Bass gets a pass


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All the haters, the Sea Bass is so hot now that he gets intentionally walked :-)



He's been hot the past few weeks, uh? His avg. is up to .252, and that's what most of us consider his batting "prime". Anything he gives us over .250 is icing for the cake.

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YUP! AGon is doing great!


He is showing a lot of power also. He has 8 home runs so far and he is batting .252!


If he continues hitting this good he might have a shot at reaching .300....

dont get carried away if he wouldnt have been ice cold at the beg. of the season and he would have started off the season like he is now than he would have an BA over 300...so its nit such a big deal and its not impossible


agon dosent get any respect for his hitting and even now a lot of people are surprised that he is hitting 252, they can also be surprised and see him reach 300..


it could happen :)

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I've always said that this team would not be the same without Alex Gonzalez. I know at times he slumps so bad, it's like having two pitcher spots, but if he can keep his average around .255/.260, I would be extremely happy....His defense alone is a reason to keep him around though. He was robbed of a Gold Glove last year.


And I hate being negative, but even Ramon Castro was intentionally walked earlier this year to get to the pitcher. That's not a good sign of how well a hitter is doing....Alex is on fire though and I hope he keeps it up.

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okay....last year he had 18 bombs and 77 rbi batted .256 and slugged .443


right now he has 8 bombs and 26 rbi.....he should pass his HR total easily (knock on wood) as he is hitting HRs more consistently it seems rather than on streaks......he has 22 games before the all star break to get 14 rbis...that would give him half of 77.


That may be tough if the offense continues to be inconsistent..... it seems that sea bass isnt getting as many rbis but i attribute that to a weaker offense since Sea bass is hitting very well with RISP.


His avg. ans slug. is right on with what it was last year......I think he can improve on both...i dont think it would be unfair to want .260 out of Alex, considering that is a small difference from .250 hits wise.


We all know he doesnt walk so no point looking at OBP


anyway, looks like alex is improving :thumbup ,

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