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a new forum banner?


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what about a contest to create best promotional button for MarlinsBaseball.com? I have asked Admin for one so I can put it on the Ballpark News Page.


Is that reasonable?

if it's graphical, sure.


though i'm not quite sure what exactly you're talking about.

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i'm ok, this is some of my latest stuff done a few months ago..














(i'm a uconn nut, hence the caron butler, donyell marshall.. instead of the 'wtf, why does he have graphics of caron butler and donyell marshall')..

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i dont like uconn, i love uconn.

it's all i *really* have in this wonderful state of mine.



You don't have to blow that up. I can see it. :lol


Anyway, UConn's women bball team is awesome. i don't know man.. i dont trust peoples eye sight anymore.


i've had someone tell me my shirt said connect the dots. :thumbdown



women's bball team is in a world of hurt right now..

the only reason they might win, is cause everyone else is just awful!

they've lost far too many stars the past 3 years..

oh well, we're due for a slump.

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