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Hope Cab's doesn't make All-Star

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Last I looked, Cabrera was #10 in All-Star OF voting. And I voted for him 25 times two times. Hope he doesn't make it but, instead, spends time in a humility-encounter group along with Beckett and Jack. Cabs and Josh because they are too young for the swagger they try to carry. Jack because he is too old for his pompous swagger.

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Guest Juanky

I really hope he doesn't make it.


Why? He is playing like s***. Sure, he is playing like s*** while still putting up good numbers, but he is playing like s*** nonetheless. Who knows what getting to the all star game while playing like a piece of crap will do to him.

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Cabrera, this year's Derrek Lee?

This from your sig


Poor defence in right AND left field.


Miguel Cabrera was awesome in left field last year.


Are you blind or just stupid?




Again from your sig


Superstar Miguel Cabrera: .228 w/ RISP


Why don't you check out A-Rod's stats with runners in scoring position and tell me what you think.

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I like Cabrera... A LOT, but peoples never speak ill of him while they continually slam other players. Derrek Lee for packing up meaningless stats. Conine for not hitting with runners in scoring position. Choi striking out too much. I'm just pointing out that Cabrera has done the same and gets no crap from the board.


And don't let the ring deceive you. The team was not perfect last year, and Miggy was no more spectacular in left last year than he is this year in right.

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