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How many games does parish-oh have to blow before

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This is getting ridiculous. Every time this clown comes in in a close game he blows the lead. Does McKeon even want to win? Parisho gives you 0% chance to win. :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead



I put the over-under at 6...

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DogFish is right. McKeon did nothing out of the ordinary by bringing in Perisho. It's a personnel problem. It could be solved by moving Willis to the bullpen. Or calling up a lefty (Juan Alvarez is doing well). Or trading for one.


I don't care if we needed a lefty or not. Every time perisho comes in in a close game he blows it.

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well, ive never been a believer of the whole "you need a lefty arm in the bullpen" thing, so i really don't think we need to keep perisho here if he can't perform.


either bring up tejera again if you want to follow the whole lefty thing or bring up wayne.

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Guest Juanky

Well, Jack believes in it. So unless Chad Fox's arm wakes up, don't expect righties facing lefties too much.


Maybe the solution is to try DO instead of to go to the minors for some more rotating crap? Just because it's worn a Marlins' uniform doesn't mean it is quality.

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