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Pudge's New Team vs Pudge's Old Team


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Tommy Phelps (2-1, 2.70) against Ismael Valdes (5-2, 4.79)


On television:

Marlins station: PAX

Rangers station: FSN


On radio:

Marlins station: Sports radio/WQAM 560 AM; WQBA 1140 AM Spanish

Rangers station: KRLD 1080 AM; KHRK 1480 AM/Spanish


Player to watch:

Mike Lowell, who smacked his 19th home run Friday night, is expected to be used as the designated hitter on Saturday. Manager Jack McKeon sees giving the third baseman a breather in the field. Lowell remains hot at the plate, going 2-for-5 with two RBIs. Will their be a Fox sighting tonight?


in limited abs, the following Marlins have +.300avg vs Valdes

Luis Castillo, Mike Lowell, Alex Gonzalez, Derrek Lee, and Andy Fox


Ramp thinks tonight will be a slugfest, Fish 13 Rangers 10

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FLORIDA                                 TEXAS                                 
                       AVG  HR  RBI                            AVG  HR  RBI   
Juan Pierre CF          .298   0   18   Michael Young 2B        .335   5   29   
Luis Castillo 2B        .318   4   18   Hank Blalock 3B         .344  11   42   
Ivan Rodriguez C        .255   7   30   Alex Rodriguez SS       .296  16   38   
Mike Lowell DH          .299  19   53   Juan Gonzalez RF        .284  18   47   
Juan Encarnacion RF     .280  10   42   Rafael Palmeiro DH      .270  14   39   
Derrek Lee 1B           .262  13   34   Mark Teixeira 1B        .225   8   29   
Alex Gonzalez SS        .330  10   44   Kevin Mench LF          .255   0    1   
Andy Fox 3B             .236   0    3   Einar Diaz C            .252   2   13   
Brian Banks LF          .243   4   17   Doug Glanville CF       .188   2    2   

Tommy Phelps LHP        (2-1, 2.70)     Ismael Valdes RHP

there is a Fox sighting, and the Banks are open on the weekends in Arlington

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Mike Lowell(dh tonight) leads off the top of the 2nd...behind 0-2....strikes out swinging...good pitch(curve)


Juan Encarnacion...behind 0-2..works it full now.....pops out to ARod in LF


Derrek Lee...rips one into to CF, and slides into 2nd for a 2 out double...nice hit


Alex Gonzalez...man on 2nd, 2 outs..behhind 0-2...strikes out swinging....



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