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carlos boozer

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Wow congrats to Boozer.. I was always impressed with his level of play in the NBA


Front court of Boozer, Kirilenko and Okur is solid to go along with Arroyo and Giricek... Also got Kris Humphries who is damn good.


Not to shabby

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I thought the Cavs & Boozer had a verybal agreement so they did not pick up the 3rd year of the contract. I think Paxson got played.



Yeah, they basically let him out of his contract AND agreed to give him more money then he turned his back on them for some more cash in Utah.


I guess he couldn't put food on the table with the Cavs offer :plain

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arent we talking like 25-30 million more from Utah?



Does that make it ok to f*** over the Cavs?


And i'm not sure how much it was



Yes it does. Get off his back.


Someone gives you that much more money, you take it, you are 24.


Whoever says he will bomb is an idiot, he will do very well under the best current coach in the game, Jerry Sloan.


If I remember correctly he groomed a certain power forward pretty well while he was in Utah.


Good luck C-Booz.

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Yeah, we overpayed Okur and Boozer. So what? Everyone overpayed everyone. $46 mil to Okur and a front-loaded $68 mil to Boozer are excessive but necessary to get the job done. They're not ridiculous contracts. $42 mil for Foyle is an example of a ridiculous contract. We did what we had to do to get some solid size and we got the job done.


Name one other team who had a better offseason, or even as close to a successful offseason as we did?



14 - Kris Humphries, solid PF which we needed badly, Big 10 player of year, Big 10 rebound/point leader


16 - Kirk Snyder. Did you watch the NCAA tourney? Try telling me this guy was not the steal of the draft at #16.


21 - Trade a worthless 7'5" stiff for a future first-round pick? Works for me.




$16 mil, 4 yr to get back Giricek. This guy doesn't miss shots, simple as that.


$16 mil, 4 yr to get back Arroyo. Kid got a lot of offers from many teams but loves the Jazz so came back for next to nothing.


$46 mil to Okur. Excessive, yes, but size is a valuable commodity this offseason. And it's $20 MIL under what he and his agent wanted, which was in the $60-65 mil range. And there's about a .00001% chance that Detroit will match.





All we need to do now is resign Mo Williams, my favorite player in the league.




Don't f*** with Utah.

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boozer and the cavs played a dangerous game.




isnt boozer a RFA though still?




he is a RFA but the Cavs dont have the funds to sign him under the cap, that is why they were going to give him the MLE


He did screw the Cavs, but who cares, in this day in age, any NBA executive should understand that players have no loyalties, there only loyalties are to the "KWAN", and if the Cavs thought that no one would offer him any money he is just a bigger moron than anyone thought


What the Cavs did was unprecedented, and will NEVER happen again, I say to Boozer, you and your agent are two very smart men, take your money while youre young, you will never get a chance to make this kind of money ever again, I mean Boozer is only 22 years old

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the game the cavs and boozer played was dangerous.



to say that there is NO loyalty in the NBA is a farce.




Bruce Bowen opted out early on his deal to save the Spurs in salary cap space....



and we are resigning him to a longer deal.



I think that there would be NO player that would turn their back to 28 million dollars.



i mean hell look at us and pudge...he wanted 16 millon more and look at what that caused.



this is 12 million more on top of that.

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