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Compliment Post!

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*plays along*


Joe - For being the original Thug Life

02paco - For keepign it real for la razza

The Ramp - For being himself no matter how queer it seems

dd - For agreeing with me that banana is a really funny word

oheeoh...magglio - For being the ultimate douche



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--The Passion - for cracking me up

--DetroitWhat22 - for being a baller

--BroadwayBabe84 - for being the coolest girl on this board (sorry, I dont know the other girls as well as I know her)

--hollyberry - she's new, but she makes some good threads

--legendofcangelosi - for having a sweetass username.

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MaXx is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Nugget for always being a good friend & always listening.

Lcyberina for all the sisterly advice & always being there when I needed her most.

Laz for giving me a good laugh.

BB84, I have known for years and she has always been a sweetheart.


I wanna add more.... what the hell...


Admin for the good times and good laughs we've shared.

Joe for being my little buddy.

FishFan24 is the first buddy I met on this board and has always been a great friend to me.

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Admin- for too many things...

Joe- for being a sweet brother in law, dont cheat on my sister or I'll shoot you :p

JJ- for ALWAYS making me laugh, banana, ojo :lol

1truefan- for being a sweetheart! and stalking Justin with me!

Nugget- for being funny and dramatic with me babii i love you!

DetroitWhat22- for loving my sig :thumbup

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Ok now for the others


Nugget- For being one of my best friends for years

Jay- Always is funny, (y)^extreme

Admin - To get the "aww isnt that cute he complemented his brother" replys

Pavanosbabii - For being cool even though her man sucks


And the rest for putting up with me

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MarlinsGirl48 - For hiding my secret crush on Carol McKeon and not trying to steal Rosie from me

1truefan - For introducing me to Oreo

Das - For being the a**hole admin

Ross - For still being here after knowing me since 96

Joe - For mentioning me above :plain

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chefbob for being the stud muffin that he is


chefbob for spending too much time on these boards


chefbob for having to put up with chefbob


chefbob for just being chefbob, you rock man!


Admin for being chefbob's b***h. Even though he doesn't know it.

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