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Describe your bedroom....


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My room is kinda small but cozy. It's like my mini apartment. :)


Walls: I painted my walls skyblue and with a sponge, made some clouds all over. I did this about 2 years ago. It looks great.


Bed: Full sized bed. My comforter has stars on it. It's navy blue. I love my jersey sheets. :)


When you walk in, you see my computer across from you. To the right of my desk, is my shelf where I keep my perfumes and on top of that, I keep my Luis Castillo signed ball and over that is where I keep my Tinker Bell snowglobe/porcelain collection. To the left of my computer is my dresser. Over my computer, I have a little picture board where I have a bunch of pictures of me and my friends.


Next to my dresser is my "media center". I have my TV, stereo,VCR, & DVD player. Then I have like 3 CD racks. I keep my DVDs in my cabinet under the TV. Right on top of my TV, I have a Tinker Bell doll, a Pudge McFarlane figure, and a Justin Timberlake doll (don't laugh :p ).


To the left is a wall where I keep my autograph collection (I have Pudge, Johnny Depp, Roberto Luongo, Beverly Mitchell, etc) & a little writing board where I write reminders (like when my bills are due).


Then there's the door and to the right of the door is a bookcase where I keep some books and magazines and other stuff. Next to that is my closet and then my little nighttable next to my bed.

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Wooden floors, queen bed, closets across one wall,. desk with the computer and assorted crap.


32 inch TV in the corner with my DVD player and Xbox.


A life size cut out of Heidi Klum graces the other corner.


The Walls are covered with posters of the Sox, Duke, The Bulls, Bucs, and other sports figures.


Lots of other crap, but Im too lazy.

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Awesome thread, Miri.


My room is my deranged old lady palace. The carpet and the walls are purple. I have the following posters: Casablanca, Sunset Boulevard, The Big Sleep, Gilda, Double Indemnity, 42nd Street, Maw West, Phantom of the Opera (silent version), Depeche mode, Swing Time, Robert Smith & Siouxsie Sioux, The Beatles and Rudolph Valentino.


I also have about 20 8 X 10s of various classic Hollywood Actresses (Lauren Bacall, Barbara Stanwyck, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth etc)


The big focus is my gigantic tall desk with a bookcase and my big collection of snowglobes on top amongst other stuff ( I love Sleeping Beauty)


I also have a shelf near my door with all my videos, dvds, records and schoolbooks. And a big rack of Cds but I rarely buy CDs anymore.


My bed is a full size and it has a very fancy gold comforter with tons of pillows and iron-type candleholders above. It has been referred to as a "sex bed", but has sadly rarely lived up to its reputation.


My dresser and bedside table are wicker with silver metal scroll thingies. My TV is next to my computer and desk and on top of the dresser.


I also have a meticulously organized closet, hanger-coded by item type and arranged by color. And racks to display my shoes.


There's yer details.


Oh, and I have a small wall that is hidden when my door is open (it always is). There lies a few select pictures of John Cusack for me to visit whenever necessary.

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My bed is up against one wall, I've got a pretty cool poster of the NYC skyline (pre 9/11) over it. My dresser is on one side, you can't even see the surface of it because of all the crap I put on top of it. My computer is in the corner of my room, all the frayed wires hanging out everywhere (I've been meaning to do something about that). My "Curly for President" poster is hanging over my computer desk. I've got a whole bunch of things under my bed, Marlins memorbilia, stale food, Jay, dirty laundry, baseball cards...etc.

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My room is really hot in the summer, and really cold in the winter. It's small. The walls are paint white. My window faces west. On the western wall, my desk (which is hella small) and my bean bag chair. On the southern wall is my bed and to the right of it is my night stand. On the stand you'll find my alarmclock, retainers, lamp, a book ("The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair), and my journal and a pen. On the wall itself are 2 posters:one of Ichiro to the left of my bed and another poster to the right containing pictures of John Olerud, Freddy Garcia, Ichiro, and Kaz. Sasaki. On the Eastern wall, there are 2 shelves. The one nearest to the Easter Wall contains my Scooby Doo memorabilia, awards for various things, my boom box, and diskman. The second shelf is my bookshelf. Then next to that is a smaller shelf containing more of my Scooby Doo collection, which is next to my door. On the Norther Wall is my closet. Then there's my TV with the VCR on top. My TV sets on top of my dresser.


That basically sums up my room.

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The walls are a creamy beige with a bunch of pictures of friends and sports pics on it.


Some main things to point out is the bed, desk, tv, xbox, vcr, blue beanbag, entertainment shelf, mirror closet, drawers, and a trash can. oh yeah, and a door :)

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Walls: White with posters

Floor: White carpet

Closet filled with clothes. I need a bigger one.

20 inch TV. Satilite receiver. VCR. DVD player.

Computer desk. Monitor and printer/scanner/copier on the desk. Tower on the boom cabinet. CD rack filled with CDs.

My self filled with DVDs and tapes.

On one side on a wall, my shoes collection.

Of course a door and my bed. There's plenty more.

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