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Notes: Mckeon Loves Gonzo and Castillo

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Good article on Alex and Luis....


Notes: Duo wows McKeon

By Joe Frisaro / MLB.com


MIAMI -- In all his years managing professional baseball, Jack McKeon has never had a better double-play combination than Alex Gonzalez and Luis Castillo.

McKeon has managed the Marlins just over a month, but it didn't take him long to single out the team's dynamic fielding duo.


Both players are having All-Star caliber seasons at the plate and in the field.


Defensively, McKeon calls the two "magicians."


"They are the best double play combination I've ever had," McKeon said. "In San Diego, I had Bobby Alomar and Gary Templeton. Those guys were very good. Alomar's instincts are as good as I've ever seen. But these guys [Gonzalez and Castillo]are phenomenal."


On the just-completed road trip, Gonzalez saved two runs in crucial situations by keeping grounders earmarked for left field in the infield. The rangy shortstop preserved a Marlins win in the ninth inning at Milwaukee, running down an infield hit that otherwise would have scored the tying run from second.


He made a similar play at Texas last Friday early in the game for Brad Penny. With a runner at third, Penny was able to get out of the inning without allowing a run.


"We see that all the time," McKeon said. "That's nothing new. I don't know who is better [in the league] than these guys."


When turning double plays, McKeon marvels at how the two work so smoothly together.


"They are always anticipating," McKeon said. "They are never fooled by each other."


Both have achieved All-Star status in the past. Castillo was a reserve at second base last season, largely because of his 35-game hitting streak. But many believe he is a Gold Glove contender.


Gonzalez made the All-Star team as a rookie in 1999.


"I try to do my job in the field," Gonzalez said. "Sometimes you win games playing good defense."



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He won't be manager next season...

Huh? If he goes i am complaining to the Marlins the Second he goes. He has been a very god manager and finally we have a manager that knows when to put players and when not to. If he wasnt our manager right now we would of been in very bad conditions....

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Here's one for ya....


How about Willie in NY???


Although he may be the next fall guy for the Yanks, if Torre sticks around he may bolt for an oppurtunity.


You are more likely to see Leland managing the Marlins next year than Old Man River. He's already missed too many early bird specials than he'd care to admit.

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You are more likely to see Leland managing the Marlins next year than Old Man River. He's already missed too many early bird specials than he'd care to admit.

Hey those "old" jokes are great, really. I noticed the south florida writers threw in every "age" joke in the book when McKeon was hired. If the team keeps winning though, be assured they'll fall all over themselves to write about what a great tactician he is, or how he uses his vast experience to build a confident team, or that it's his stern hand that got the team winning, etc, etc, etc...


P.S. I agree about Bobby V and the spoon. Although this town does love a big name coach.

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This is an exciting, enthusiastic team... That's the type of coach Bobby V. is... He is into every pitch and makes smart decisions...


And if he signed a maybe a three-year deal with Fla (figuritively speaking) I gaurentee you that he FORCES Loria to drop a lil bit of cash bot not much on a long-term deal with Dontrelle...


He loves this kid!

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Why would an established skipper come to baseball purgatory, to a franchise with an oh-so uncertain future, when during the offseason he'll have 3-5 teams in better markets kicking down his door?


Besides, I don't think I trust Bobby with young talent. I think he'd prefer a veteran team, exitement or not.

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Guys, the season is not even halfway yet! I pray we keep McKeon, the old man knows what he's doing. You need to have some structure in order to grow (that's why Torberg didn't work, he wasn't providing a structure for the players to follow). I don't think Bobby could provide it, Jack can- he's done it before and is doing it again right before your eyes.


Cape Fish

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