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Florida. "We've had some very encouraging signs," GM Admin Beinfest said. "We thought from the beginning that we'd go as far as our starting pitching would take us. Then we lost (A.J.) Burnett, (Josh) Beckett and (Mark) Redmond. But, fortunately, along came Dontrelle Willis, who's been a lifesaver. The rest of the rotation, including Tommy Phelps (signed as a minor-league free agent), has pitched well, and Beckett has one more rehab start. Miguel Cabrera has given us a shot in the arm; he's going to hit. But let's face it, we have to get to .500 before we start talking. We'll see where we are in another month. I'm not going to deceive anyone. We have some tough decisions to make eventually. To keep this team together would mean a tremendous jump in payroll." Other GMs have called Beinfest, but he hasn't made any calls ... yet. If they are out of it, then Mike Lowell, Derrek Lee and free agent Luis Castillo will all be available. They are eight games and six teams from the wild card, but the way they have played under Jack McKeon warrants the wait. In fact, Beinfest talked to the Padres about acquiring Rondell White.


not sure if these Beinfest comments were already posted...

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:mischief2 dont you think Miggy stands to far away from the plate? I know thats his style and he's doing well there, but do you think if he changed his stance just a little he'd have better timing on his swing and make better contact?





...sorry to get kind of off topic, but you were talking about Cab's

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i also read that..... but its nothing new to us..... we know if a month from now and we are not ova 500 Mike, Luis, and Lee are good as gone.....


Gammons isnt a genious he just need to say something..... man makes me sick!!!!!!


anywayz as 4 Rondell ya Yanks gave em away to the pads to unload his contract cuz he was a BUST in the pin stripes he isnt haveing a bad year thou 12 jacks around a 290-300 Batting Average,,,,,


he is strait... but our OF is booked


Miggy, Juan P, and Juan E.... no room 4 white.....




Bul Pen after All Star Break


1.Mike Tejera

2.Almanza "he really does Suck"




6.Toby Boreland


now that Bul Pen looks real Good Xcept the iffy's in Tejera and Almanza...


this really does look like a playoff caliber bul pen and with our pitching everything looks good

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