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Favorite player that you have never seen play?


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Who is your favorite player that you've never seen play? Keep in mind, ESPN Classic doesn't count :lol . The most obvious answer to this question would be Babe Ruth and i'm sure he's the #1 choice of most people so if that's the case with you, post your #2 favorite instead.


I'd have to go with Sandy Koufax, my all time favorite player. He was the greatest Jewish baseball player of all time and one of the most dominant pitchers of all time as well, I just can't imagine how awesome it would have been to see him play.

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Ted Williams

Tony Gwynn

Chris Sabo


Luis Aparicio

Roberto Clemente

Willie Mays

Paul Molitor

Dave Parker

Dave Concepcion

Kirby Puckett

Lou Brock

Nails Dysktra

Alan Trammell

Cecil Fielder

Ozzie Smith

George Brett

Willie Randolph

Joe DiMaggio

Scott Radinsky

Dave Righetti




... I can go on forever







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If I only get to pick one, well i'll narrow it to 1 everyday player and 1 pitcher....


Everyday Player: The original "Five Tool Player" Willie Mays


Pitcher:Bob Gibson


But overall, there are so many baseball players from the past I'd love to see play that I never got the opportunity to, that I couldn't even begin to list them here......

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