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Juan Pierre's Rap!


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Juan Pierre's rap in all it's glory! (Dancing not included)




Mike and Mike's review of Juan Pierre's rap.




Mike and Mike skit about Juan Pierre's rap CD.


Hilarious stuff.

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1) Look, it's Jesus walking his baby T-Rex!


2) Mike and Mike suck. Especially Golic. He knows NOTHING about anything other than football. Both of them aren't funny.


3) It still pisses me off that people thought JP was being serious. Especially how ESPN ragged on him even though they had some extremely corny crap about Giambi and a triangle.


4) He didn't say "bottle", he said "bottom."


5) JP 0wnZ j00.

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That rap took some balls! :lol It was awesome!


Here are some quotes from the Craig Kilborn show (the day Josh Beckett was a guest) about JP's rap.


What Up? (segment)


"Hey... in the national league can u send in a pinch rapper? Because in that situation the manager has got to pull Pierre... he clearly had nothing left!"


"Craig, I wish a cubs fan had knocked that mic out his hand... seriously... seriously... that rap was so bad, refugees are leaving Miami for Cuba!"


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juan pieere is the black mark madsen


In that they're both terrible at celebrations, yes.


But Madsen was the 12th man while JP was huge on the team. That's a big difference. Madsen has no business dancing around, but for what JP did, well, at least he belonged up there with the mike.

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