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A.Milano talks about Carl in this week FHM mag.

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His ex-girlfriend A. Milano(she's on the cover) took a cheap shot at Carl's manhood....very low blow. I don't remember the exact question but Milano answered how she loves baseball and that being 6'5 260(Carl) didn't mean you were big everywhere. The writer said "WHAT?" she said "big hands (laughing) he has small hands." WOW! :o


I guess the break up was pretty ugly...WOW

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she must be an anti dentite :blink:



Carl's a dentist?


his dad was though?


you're thinking of mike lowell's dad.


he still practices, i believe in coral gables.



That's awesome, i'm going to him the next time I get a cavity :D .

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She is going to be 32 in December.


She is probably bitter b/c she most likely wanted a relationship and he didn't. She is producing Charmed and on the episode last night her character made a comment about her eggs (referring to her not having had a child yet at her age). That's probably what she wants in real life and he didn't want the same.


I honestly don't think that she is that hot. She is okay, but I think she looks like a boy with her short hair and she has really ugly tatoos on her body. He can defintely do better.


Hey, even if what she said is true, who cares. Size really doesn't matter.

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