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Planning a trip to see the Fish...any advice?


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Me and my buddy are going to fly down to watch the Marlins this summer. We are probably going to stay at the Hard Rock (we're poker fans)....just wondering if that is fairly close to the stadium? Also, what seats should we be looking to get? Any other general info would be appreciated.


Welcome, the Hard Rock is in Hollywood if memory serves me well and about 15 minutes to Dolphins Stadium. For seating I suggest the outfield or near homeplate because they cause the least strain on your neck.

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How long are you going to be in So. Florida? There are a ton of things to do and many things going on at once, but you have to visit these, IMO:


1) Bayside at night - Outside shopping center on the Bay... beautiful view, great live music, very relaxed, good stores, etc.


2) South Beach (that's a given) - I would have dinner or lunch on Ocean outside at a nice restaurant... make sure to check out Mango's, which is classically Latin and a very interesting place.


3) Art Deco District


5) Little Havana (have Cuban coffee, listen to old Cubans talking shiat about Fidel Castro 24/7 LOL)


6) Aventura Mall


7) Coral Gables (many places to visit there)



If you have time, I would suggest a trip to the Florida Keys. It's paradise.

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Well, only Marlins wise, what you can do seatwise varies. If you went the best bang for your buck, then you're def going to want to sit in the Fish Tank. Seats are generally around $6, and they are lower deck Outfield with a great site line. Juan Pierre also tosses balls there every other inning, you might be lucky enough to catch one.


If money is not an issue I highly recommend Founder's Field on either the third base line or the first base line. They are the Marlins' version of court side seats - and they won't set you back 1,000 per game. If memory serves me correctly, those were somwhere between $45-55 per game, not bad at all for where you will be.


Parking is $10, so already include that in your budget. Also, unless you absolutely want to eat stadium food, don't. It's not bad or anything, I'm personally fond of the chicken tenders with the curly fries if you go to the right gate, but a full meal will set you back about $11. Even if you don't buy the soda, the fries and chicken (can't buy them individually) are $6.75. There isn't really any local cuisine at the stadium, no Hispanic food or any of the other 20,000 cultures we have down here. What I usually do when I head out for a game is I will eat either as I'm leaving Miami and pick up a snack after (two meals still come out cheaper - and I'm quite the heavy eater when I'm hungry) or eat either immediately before or immediately after in the Wendy's or KFC a minute or two from the park. Outside food is allowed in the parking lot but not in the stadium.


As far as the city is concerned, you're gonna be driving at least 20-30 minutes to get anywhere of interest because JRS is in Opa Locka (the very very tip of Miami-Dade County, it's basically Broward) and Miami is quite a bit to the south and Fort Lauderdale, while not as cool as Miami, is a bit to the North as well.

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If you are coming on a weekend when the upperdeck is open I'd suggest sitting there if $$$ is a factor. You can get very reasonable seats between 1st and third and the view is great to watch our infield at work.


If money isn't a factor the lower bowl has terrific seats but don't be lured into the "terrace boxes" (lower level outside of first and third) because they face into the outfield.


Hard Rock is terrific, you'll have a great time. If you play your cards right you might get them to provide transportation to and from the game.

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If money isn't a factor the lower bowl has terrific seats but don't be lured into the "terrace boxes" (lower level outside of first and third) because they face into the outfield.670917[/snapback]

I forgot to mention that. Avoid Terrace Box at all costs, especially if you will only be here for one game. It's way too expensive and you have to turn your head the entire game. They are probably the least comfortable seats in the entire park (mostly because of the football origins of it).

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sounds like your questions have been answered, but i'll chip in anyway.


since you're coming for only a few games, i'd recommend you forego the upper deck & fish tank, and instead opt for more expensive seats. the way i see it, if you're going to spend a lot of money just to come down here, you might as well get nice seats. and, like marlins2003 pointed out, stay away from the terrace box seats. in any case, since sellouts are a rarity, i don't think you should worry about buying your tickets too far in advance, if at all.


also, get a rental car. you'll need it; mass transit is useless in south florida and taking cabs everywhere is too costly considering how spaced-out everything is down here.

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Infield Box is where its at. I liked those a bunch. They were only $28 bucks last year which was a hell of a price. Also right behind home plate in the upperdeck is pretty awesome.


Don't forget to check out if there are any specials on those days like last year on Tuesdays they had buy one get one free I think it was.

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Some prices, so you know:


(First price is normal games, second is Premier games which are Opening Day, Friday home games, Saturday home games, and select other games)


Batters Box: 175, 195

Founder's Field: 85, 95

Founder's Club: 72, 80

Infield Box: 31, 34

Club A: 38, 42

Club B: 33, 36

Club C: 27, 30

Terrace Box: 20, 22

Outfield Reserve: 14, 16 (8, 10 for kids)

Fish Tank: 8, 10 (4, 5 for kids)

Upper Deck A: 14, 16 (8, 10 for kids)

Upper Deck B: 12, 14 (6, 7 for kids)

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Come to Ft Lauderdale. Much more fun then Miami IMNSHO, just cruise downtown Ft Lauderdale and the beaches, you can't go wrong man. Hard Rock is alot of fun also, I play alot of poker, just stay away from the low limit games of 1-2 dollars. Play the 65 dollar 10 people tournaments, lots of fish. Good luck.



Big tourny fan. Do they ever have any multi-table tournys?

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Damn, individuals for Founder's Field are $85 this year. Eww.


But still worth it for one game.


Founders Field being the ones between the Bullpens and Dugouts or behind home plate?


And I've been to all but a couple views of the park. I've have 3B Line view, 1B Line view, behind the plate, Left Field , left field FOUL, rightfield, and Upper Deck behind home plate, but haven't been in right-center, or the other upper decks.


But from where I've been, I think the best is behind the plate. I've had first row seats :)

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