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Another turns down offer to do Marlins TV


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Florida Marlins

Geffner turns down offer

The Boston Globe reports Red Sox PR man Glenn Geffner turned down an offer to join the Florida Marlins broadcast team. Geffner, who has been a broadcaster for both Triple A Rochester and the San Diego Padres, has masterfully transformed the Sox PR operation, but his first love is still being behind the mike.


Several media outlets reported Mariners pregame and postgame host Rich Waltz and Syracuse SkyChiefs voice Bob McElligott were contenders for a TV position prior to FSN Florida re-posting the opening on Call of the Game in late January.


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Alright, alright--I get the message.


Tomorrow morning I'll stop by the stadium. They've been hassling me for months about the job--I didn't think they'd be this desperate.






How are you going to do the Friday night games?


I'm conservative.

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hey, i've been looking at the internships on the marlins site for a month or two now. i always check the job opportunities section but nowhere in that section is the detailed description you just showed, where are you seeing this stuff? thanks


He said that he got it from another board. Anyway, there is a short description on the official site as well. It's under job opportunities--internships--media relations.

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Minervini is not a good announcer...well he wouldn't make for one IMO. He fits his role well, and that is top sit in the crowd and BS with people.



exactly. Minervini is not good at all at play by play.


I am sure they will find someone. What about the Crow? just kidding, you cant understand what he is saying.

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